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A family refers to a group of two or more people related by birth, marriage or adoption who reside together. In 2000 in country A the average family net worth was $450,000 and there were about 9.3 x 10 ^7 families. Calculate the total family net worth in country A in 2000.
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Determine whether the given quadratic function has a minimum value or maximum value. Then find the coordinates of the minimum or maximum point.
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A family refers to a group of two or more people related by birth, marriage, or adoption who reside together. In 2000, in Country A, the average family net worth was $370,000, and there were about 7.3x10^7 families. Calculate the total family net worth in country A
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at some point during the lives of you and the youngest person, your age will be three times his/her age at that moment. write an equation which models how old in years each of you will be when you are three times as old as the younger person.
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rachel bought a framed piece of artwork as a souvenir from disney. the diagonal of the frame is 17 inches. if the length of the frame is 7 inches greater than its width, find the dimensions of the frame.
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at some point during the lives of you and the youngest person, your age will be three times his/her age at that moment. write an equation which models how old in years each of you will be when you are three times as old as the younger person. using ages 27 and 7.
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The school that Stefan goes to is selling tickets to a choral performance. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 3 senior citizen tickets and 1 child ticket for a total of $38. The school took in $52 on the second day by selling 3 senior citizen tickets and 2 child tickets. How much were the senior citizen tickets?
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the frostburg-truth bus travels on a straight road from frostburg mall to sojourner truth park. the mall is 3 miles west and 2 miles south of the city center. the park is 4 miles east and 5 miles north of the center. how far is it from the mall to the park to the nearest tenth of a mile?
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An advertising agency conducted a survey and found that the number of units sold, N, is related to the amount a spent on advertising (in dollars) by the following formula:
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the perimeter of a rectangle is 52m. if the width were doubled and the length were increased by 17m, the perimeter would be 96m. what is the length of the original rectangle
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two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading east and the other west. the eastbound train travels miles per hour faster than the westbound train. if the two trains are miles apart after hours, what is the rate of the eastbound train?
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Amy drove from Los Angeles to Ventura during rush hour at an average speed of miles per hour, and then drove back the same way at an average speed of miles per hour.If the round trip took 3 hour and 15 minutes, how many miles is Amy's one-way trip from Ventura to Los Angeles?If the answer is not an integer, enter it as an exact decimal
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Reg has just purchased a new car. The car had a list price of $22,499, and he was responsible for 7.96% sales tax, a $2,138 vehicle registration fee, and a $262 documentation fee.
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