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Softmath announces New Release of Algebrator™ Mathematics Software

Version 4.0 extends the lead of the most popular software for Algebra students


San Antonio, TX, September 25, 2007 – Softmath today announced availability of the latest version of its Algebrator™ software.  Algebrator 4.0 is a tutoring software program which solves a wide range of algebraic problems entered by users of the program, and includes interactive explanations to enrich student's learning of Algebra.


Algebrator 4.0 adds a number of important features to the already impressive Algebrator software legacy. New features and benefits provided by Algebrator 4.0 include the following:


  • Linear Algebra Support:
    • Add Matrices
    • Subtract Matrices
    • Multiply matrices, including scalars
    • Find the inverse of a matrix
    • Calculate the determinant of a matrix
  • New Parabola Wizards:
    • Find the equation of a parabola using its vertex and a point on the parabola
    • Find the equation of the vertical/horizontal parabola passing through three points
    • Find the focus of a parabola
    • Analytically determine the direction in which a parabola opens
    • Find the axis of symmetry of a parabola
    • Find the equation of the directrix of a parabola
  • Additional Graphics support, including improvements to shading of Graphs and the Graphing of Inequalities


“Softmath continues to provide innovation in the Mathematics software market with this latest release of Algebrator,” stated Neven Jurkovic, President of Softmath. “Algebrator 4.0 provides even greater value than previous releases, with the support of matrices being a major new addition--all at a price point affordable to any math student, teacher or parent.”


Algebrator 4.0 is designed for math students from pre-algebra through college-level algebra. Algebra teachers at many levels also utilize Algebrator as a supplemental teaching tool in classrooms. Parents find the software to be a great aid for their children in completing their math assignments, without requiring a Parent to struggle with subject studied long ago.  Many professionals also use Algebrator in the workplace, whether they are "math-challenged" or just in need of a productivity tool due to a large number of calculations.


Algebrator 4.0 is currently shipping and available directly from the Softmath website at www.softmath.com. Softmath is expanding its sales channels, and is actively recruiting qualified Retailers and Distributor Partners worldwide.


For more information on Algebrator 4.0 visit https://softmath.com or contact the company at

or (512) 788-5675.


ABOUT Softmath

Softmath is a leading provider of mathematics software. The company’s flagship product is Algebrator, an algebra tutoring program which solves problems while teaching algebra across a wide range of user levels. The company was founded in 1998, is privately held and based in San Antonio, TX. USA



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