Compound Fractions

I. Compound Fraction : a fraction where the
numerator , the denominator, or both consists of
( simple ) fractions ...

II. 2 Strategies for Simplifying :
1. Add and/or subtract the simple fractions, then
divide , and finally reduce to lowest terms ...
2. Multiply both the numerator and denominator
by the LCD (of all the simple fractions )...

III. Examples (pp.416-417): Exercises #2-42(even)
HW: pp.416-417 / Exercises #1-41(every other odd),51
Read section 6.4 (pp.419-425)

I. Dividing by a monomial (single term) —

II. Examples (p.425): Prob.#4,10

III. Long Division

a. Real Number example

b. Polynomial example :

IV. Examples (pp.425-426): Exercises #14-36 (even)

HW: pp.425-426 / Exercises #1-33(every other odd)
Read section 6.6 (pp.436-442)

Section 6.5 (pp.428-435) is optional/omitted...

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