Elementary Algebra Syllabus



The student will demonstrate the ability to:
1. Understand the properties of the real number system , and use appropriately the order of operations.

2. Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions .

3. Recognize and solve linear equations which involve parentheses and fractions , using the Addition and Multiplication Properties of Equality.

4. Use ratios and proportions to solve application problems.

5. Solve literal equations for a specific variable; use formulas to solve application problems.

6. Use linear equations to setup and solve direct translation problems

7. Use the Cartesian coordinate system to graph linear equation in two variables, to find the slope of a line , and use the slope-intercept and pointslope
forms of linear equations. Parallel and perpendicular lines.

8. Solve systems of linear equations

9. Solve Direct translation, Geometry and Uniform motion problems using systems of linear equations.

10. Simplify (integer) exponential expressions and use scientific notation.

11. Add , subtract , multiply and divide polynomials: understand all terminology related to polynomials.

12. Special products of binomials .

13. Factor polynomials


Course grade determination will include at least three in-class major exams and a comprehensive final exam. Homework, projects, quizzes, and class participation may also be considered. Course-related work to be accomplished in the Math Learning Center may be assigned to individual students by their instructor as needed, and this work may also be used in determining the final course grade. Student performance in accomplishing these assignments may be used in determining the final course grade. Your instructor will provide you will be provided with specific methods of assessment
and evaluation plus a tentative schedule of topics and test dates.


TESTS  50%  100 - 90 : A
FINAL EXAM 25%  89 - 80 : B
OTHER  25%  79 - 70 : C
    69 - 55 : IP or F
    54 - 0 : F

The "IP" Grade- A grade of "IP," which stands for "In Progress," can be given in a Developmental Math course if all of the following criteria are met.
• The student's average is between 54 and 70.
• The student has maintained regular attendance according to college policies (absent not more than the equivalent of two weeks of class)
• The student has taken all major exams and the final exam
• The student has shown evidence of effort made in class, on homework, and on quizzes

The "I" Grade- The "I" stands for Incomplete and is given when specific requirements of the course are unfinished for verifiable reasons. For example, a student missed the final exam due to hospitalization. The student has 120 days to make up the missing requirements. The "I" will be changed to a grade reflecting his or her average in the course. Please note that an “I” will convert automatically to an “F” if the unfinished work is not completed within the allowed 120 days.

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