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Math 051 Intermediate Algebra

Common Mistakes in Algebra
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 1988 Yearbook

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  Date Reading
    CHAPTER 1 Review of Basic Algebraic Concepts
1 Aug 19 Section 1.2 Operations on Real Numbers
    Section 1.3 Simplifying Expressions
    Section 1.4 Linear Equations in One Variable
2 Aug 21 Section 1.5 Applications of Linear Equations in One Variable
  Aug 23 Last Day to add classes - 100% tuition returned – no grade
3 Aug 26 Section 1.6 Literal Equations and Applications to Geometry
4 Aug 28 Section 1.7 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
    Section 1.8 Properties of Integer Exponents and Scientific
Labor Day Holiday (College Closed)
CHAPTER 2 Linear Equations in Two Variables
5 Sept 2 Section 2.1 The Rectangular Coordinate System and Midpoint
    Section 2.2 Linear Equations in Two Variables
6 Sept 4 Exam 1 Chapter 1
  Sept 8 50% tuition refund – no grade
7 Sept 9 Section 2.3 Slope of a Line
    Section 2.4 Equations of a Line
8 Sep 11 Section 2.5 Applications of Linear Equations and Graphing
    CHAPTER 3 Systems of Linear Equations
    Section 3.1 Solving Systems Linear Equations Using Graphing
9 Sep 16 Section 3.2 Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using
    Section 3.3 Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the
Addition Method
10 Sep 18 Section 3.4 Applications of Systems of Linear Equations in two
    Section 3.5 Systems of Linear equations in Three Variables and
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