MATH 152

MATH 152 A/B- Suggested dates to complete A or B   Spring 2009
  MATH 152A Certify Test 152A 152 A & B
1.3a Simplifying Expressions        
1.3b Solving Linear Equations        
1.3c Solving Absolute Value Expressions        
1.4a Solving Formulas        
1.4b Evaluating Formulas        
1.5 Applications        
1.6a Solving Linear inequalities        
1.6b Solving absolute value inequalities        
2.5 Graphing Linear Inequalities        
      TEST 1 11-Feb 3-Feb
3.1a Sys of linear equations - graphing        
3.1b Sys of linear equations - substitution        
3.1c Sys of linear equations - addition (elimination)        
3.2 Applications ( Systems of equations )        
3.3 Sys of equations - 3 variables        
      TEST 2 2-Mar 11-Feb
4.1a Identifying Polynomials        
4.1b Adding and Subtracting Polynomials        
4.2a Multiplying Polynomials        
4.2b The FOIL Method        
4.3a Division by a Monomial        
4.3b The Division Algorithm        
4.3c Synthetic Division        
      TEST 3 20-Mar 20-Feb
4.4a GCF of a Polynomial        
4.4b Special Factorizations - Squares        
4.4c Factoring Trinomials by Grouping        
4.4d Factoring Trinomials by Trial and Error        
4.5a Special Factorizations - Cubes        
4.5b Factoring by Grouping and with Negative Exponents        
4.6 Solving Equations by Factoring        
      TEST 4 17-Apr 2-Mar
6.1a Evaluating Radicals        
6.1b Simplifying Radicals        
6.1c Division of Radicals        
6.2 Rational Exponents        
6.3a Addition and Subtraction of Radicals        
6.3b Multiplication of Radicals        
6.4 Functions with Radicals        
6.5 Complex Numbers        
6.6 Multiplication and Division of Complex Numbers        
7.4 Solving Radical Equations        
      TEST 5 8-May 10-Mar
  Take Final Exam for 152A   FINAL   13-Mar
7.1a Quadratic Equations : The Square Root Method        
7.2 Quadratic Equations: The Quadratic Formula        
7.3 Applications: Quadratic Equation        
7.5 Equations in Quadratic Form        
8.1 Graphing parabolas        
8.2 Solving Quadratic Inequalities        
5.4b Solving Inequalities with Rational Expressions        
      Test 6 11-Feb 1-Apr
2.4 Introduction fo Functions        
8.3 Function notation & translations        
5.6 Applications: Variation        
9.1 Algebra of Functions        
9.2 Composition of Functions and Inverse Functions        
      Test 7 2-Mar 9-Apr
9.3 Exponential Functions and the Number e        
9.4 Logarithmic Functions        
9.5 Properties of Logarithmic Functions        
9.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations        
9.7 Applications: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions        
      TEST 8 20-Mar 17-Apr
8.4 Parabolas as conic sections        
8.5 Distance formula and circles        
8.6 Ellipses and Hyperbolas        
8.7 Nonlinear Systems of Equations        
      TEST 9 17-Apr 28-Apr
10.1 Sequences        
10.2 Sigma Notation        
10.3 Arithmetic Sequences        
10.4 Geometric Sequences        
10.5 Binomial Theorem        
      TEST 10 8-May 8-May
  Take Final Exam for 152B   FINAL    
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