Math 90 Section 1, 4

Course Description: Graphing points, Rise-Run, Equations of lines , Systems of equations ,
Word problems, Rules of exponents , Adding and subtracting polynomials,
Multiply and divide polynomials by a monomial (no long division), Function,
Factor by grouping , Factor trinomials.
Requirement Math 89 or exit exam
Text Interactive Mathematics Elementary Algebra , Personal Academic
A notebook for reading assignment, notes and lecture notes, a #2 pencil
and a good eraser. NO CALCULATORS
Homework Each written assignment is to be completed neatly in pencil on either lined
or graph paper. Homework assignments that are illegible, completed in
anything other than pencil, or completed on anything other than lined or
paper will not be accepted. In addition, the following formatting
guidelines are imposed on all homework assignments and points will be
deducted if they are violated:
(1) Solutions to problems are to be completed proceeding down the page
with steps clearly shown, using proper notation at all times. Order of
operations is to be followed at all times while evaluating expressions.
Fractions are to be written with a horizontal fraction bar, using two lines of
your paper. Each page is to have at most two columns of problems.
(2) Equations are to be solved in a horizontal manner, not vertical (with the
exception of division ). A new line is to be used for each step in solving an
(3) For problems that call for a graph to be drawn, the graph is to be neatly
drawn to the right , level with the problem to which it pertains. Each graph
is to have at least three labeled points.
(4) The answer is to be boxed for every problem (with the exception of
Grading: Be prepared to take all exams on the day they are assigned!
Homework 10% Homework
Quizzes 20% 4 to 8 quizzes
Midterm 30% Week 5 and week 10.
Final 40% Comprehensive examination.
Grade A 90 - 100 %
B 80- 90 %
C 70 - 80 %
No Credit below 70%
Important Dates: Midterm  
Academic Integrity
  No food or beverages allowed in the classroom at anytime
PERIOD! Please turn off your phone, beeper. If I see your
phone, I will ask you to leave the class. Please direct any
question to the instructor.
    Students not taking the final exam will get NC for the
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