Technical Mathmetic


A. Required Materials
The textbook, along with the usual notebook, paper, pen or pencils, straightedge,
etc. represent the required materials for this class, and should be brought to
class each day. Calculators which are not programmable and do not have
graphing ability will be allowed on all tests. Other calculators will be subject to
the instructor's approval. If desired, calculators should be brought to class each
day in case of unannounced quizzes.

B. Homework
Homework will be assigned for each section of the text that is covered. In
general, homework will not be collected or graded, but the student should do the
problems assigned as a minimum to attain the skill necessary to do well in the
course. The student should expect to spend about two hours of study outside of
class for each hour of class time. The instructor does reserve the right to collect
homework for a grade and to give announced and unannounced quizzes.

C. Attendance
Attendance in this class is both expected and required. John A. Logan College ’s
attendance policy will be enforced:

 1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled class periods for the courses in
which they are enrolled unless they are participating in a scheduled,
supervised college trip or function. There are no excused absences or
minimum number of class “cuts.” All absences must be made up in a manner
acceptable to the instructor.

 2. A student who is absent from a class for three consecutive meetings or who is
excessively absent as defined by the instructor (more than 5 absences),
without prior approval, may be required by the instructor to meet with the
department chair before being readmitted to the class. Students who claim
illness as a cause for excessive absences may be required to present a
’s statement before being readmitted to class.

 3. Students are expected to be in class on time. Excessive or consistent
tardiness will not be tolerated. The student who fails to comply with this
expectation, could have his grade lowered or could be asked to drop the

Student Success Center. Tutors may be obtained through the Student Success Center.
Contact the staff in C219 if this service is desired. John A. Logan College will make
reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities under Section
504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Any student with a disability that may have some impact on work in this class, who feels
she/he needs an accommodation, should make an appointment with the Coordinator of
Services for Students with Disabilities on campus, Christy McBride, Room C219B, Ext.
8516. Before services can be provided, this advisor must determine eligibility and
arrange appropriate academic adjustments. It is the student=s responsibility to
register in advance of a school term with this office and to turn in a schedule
each term to ensure that there is every opportunity for success in this class.

English Writing Center/Tutoring. For assistance with writing assignments in any college
courses, students are encouraged to visit “The Write Place” in E109. English instructors
are available for one-on-one tutoring each semester during hours posted at the center.

Financial Aid. Students who receive financial assistance and completely withdraw from
classes prior to 60% of the semester being completed (approximately 2-3 weeks after
midterm) could be responsible to return a portion of their Federal Pell Grant award.
Prior to withdrawing from courses, students should contact the Financial Aid Office.

Course Withdrawal Information. It is expected that you will attend this class regularly.
If you stop attending for any reason, you should contact your advisor and withdraw
officially to avoid the posting of a failing grade (an E) to your transcript. It is also
advisable to discuss the situation with your instructor before dropping.


A. Evaluation will be based on 8 or 9 hour exams, 100 points each. (Roughly
speaking, these will be given after each chapter in the text.) Partial credit will be
given at the discretion of the instructor based on the work shown. If you miss a
test, the semester final will count 300 points. You will receive a zero for any
subsequent tests that are missed.

B. Graded homework and quizzes (optional): Assignments may be collected and
graded. Quizzes may be given at any time and may or may not be announced.
These homework assignments and quizzes may be averaged in with the chapter
test grades (and each should count no more than 100 points).

C. A 200 point comprehensive final exam will be given. All students are required to
take the final exam.

D. The grading scale is:

A....................................90 - 100%
B......................................80 - 89%
C .....................................65 - 79%
D .....................................55 - 64%
E........................................0 - 54%


The primary method of presentation is lecture and class discussion involving problems
from the text. The student can get additional help through (1) school tutoring (free) in
the Math Help Room, or (2) the instructor during office hours.

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