Descriptions of Mathematics

MATH 310 Patterns and Structures in Mathematics 3.0 Fa/Spr

Prerequisites : MATH 110, MATH 111.
An intuitive investigation into mathematics to find recurrent themes. Problem-
solving techniques and a search for patterns will be used throughout
a discussion of topics such as modular arithmetic, complex numbers,
mathematical sequences and their applications. Not acceptable for a
mathematics major or minor. (005542)

MATH 311 Intuitive Foundations of Geometry 3.0 Fa/Spr

Prerequisites: MATH 110, MATH 111.
An intuitive approach to problem-solving in coordinate geometry , motion
geometry, and space geometry. Concrete models will be used for analyzing
abstract ideas. Not acceptable for a mathematics major or minor.

MATH 314
Probability and Statistics for Science and
4.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 121.
Basic concepts of probability and statistics with emphasis on models used
in science and technology. Probability models for statistical estimation
and hypothesis testing. Confidence limits. One- and two-sample inference,
simple regression , one- and two-way analysis of variance. Credit
cannot be received for both MATH 350 and MATH 314. (005533)

MATH 315 Applied Statistical Methods I 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 105 or MATH 350 or faculty permission.
Introduction to common procedures used to analyze data. Single and
two sample inference, analysis of variance, multiple regression, analysis
of co-variance, experimental design, repeated measures, nonparametric
procedures, and categorical data analysis. Examples are drawn from biology
and related disciplines. Statistical packages are introduced. Appropriate
for biology, agriculture, nutrition, psychology, social science and other
majors. Special fee required; see the Class Schedule. (005568)

MATH 330 Methods of Proof 3.0 Fa/Spr

Prerequisites: MATH 121.
A survey of elementary principles of logic , emphasizing the nature of
proof. Standard methods of proof will be illustrated with examples from
various branches of mathematics, including set theory and the theory of
functions and relations. Other possible sources of examples include the
calculus, number theory , theory of equations, topology of the real line.

MATH 333 History of Mathematics 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 220 and at least one upper- division mathematics course. MATH
330 is recommended.
Study of the historical development of mathematics, with particular emphasis
on the relationship between mathematics and society. (005531)

MATH 337 Introduction to the Theory of Numbers 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 121, MATH 330.
Basic properties of the integers , division algorithm, fundamental theorem
of arithmetic, number-theoretic functions, Diophantine equations, congruences,
quadratic residues, continued fractions . (005585)

MATH 341 Mathematical Topics for the Credential 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 121.
This course is designed to supplement the mathematical background of
the candidate for the single subject credential in mathematics. The mathematical
topics will be discussed from the student’s and the teacher’s points
of view to aid the candidate in making the transition to secondary school
mathematics. Topics include mathematical problem-solving, conceptual
ideas using algebra, geometry, and functions, incorporating technology
into the mathematics curriculum, and finite systems. (005544)

MATH 342 Math Topics for the Credential 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 341.
This course focuses on having students examine mathematical pedagogy
and the understanding and evaluations of students as mathematical learners
as it analyzes secondary mathematics curriculum from an advanced
standpoint. Students will have opportunities to be involved in the facilitation
of mathematical learning. Topics include: history of mathematics
education, contemporary mathematics curricula, problem solving, mathematical
reasoning and methods of proof, mathematical learning theories,
communication, assessment and collaborative learning communities.

MATH 344 Combinatorial Mathematics and Graph Theory 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 121, MATH 330.
The analysis of mathematical and applied problems through the use of
permutations and combinations, generating functions and recurrence relations.
Directed graphs , trees, connectivity, and duality. (005591)

MATH 346 College Geometry 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 330.
An exploration of axioms and models for Euclidean and non-Euclidean
geometries focusing on the independence of the Parallel Postulate. Additional
topics will be chosen from Euclidean plane geometry, transformation
geometry, and the geometry of polyhedra. (005561)

MATH 350 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 121.
Basic concepts of probability theory, random variables and their distributions ,
limit theorems, sampling theory, topics in statistical inference,
regression, and correlation. (005534)

MATH 351 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 350.
Continuation of MATH 350. (005535)

MATH 360 Ordinary Differential Equations 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 260.
Systems of first order linear equations, existence and uniqueness
theorems, stability, Sturm separation theorems, power series methods.

MATH 361
Boundary Value Problems and Partial
Differential Equations
3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 260.
Partial differential equations, separation of variables, orthogonal sets of
functions, Sturm-Liouville problems, Fourier series, boundary value problems
for the wave equation, heat equation, and Laplace equation; Bessel
functions, Legendre polynomials . (005540)

MATH 398 Special Topics in Mathematics 1.0–3.0 Fa/Spr

Prerequisites: At least one 100- or 200-level mathematics course appropriate to the
subject, faculty permission.
This course is for special topics offered for 1.0-3.0 units. Typically the
topic is offered on a one-time-only basis and may vary from term to term
and be different for different sections. See the Class Schedule for the specific
topic being offered. (005559)

MATH 399 Special Problems 1.0–3.0 Fa/Spr

This course is an independent study of special problems offered for 1.0-
3.0 units. You must register directly with a supervising faculty member.
MATH 399 cannot be used to fulfill major requirements without prior
approval of the advisor and department chair. You may take this course
more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. Credit/no credit grading only.

MATH 420 Advanced Calculus 3.0 Fa/Spr

Prerequisites: ENGL 130 (or its equivalent ) with a grade of C- or higher, MATH 220,
MATH 330, upper-division standing.
Limits, continuity, uniform continuity, the definite integral, series, convergence,
uniform convergence, and metric spaces. Differentiation and
integration of functions of several variables. Transformation of multiple
integrals. This is a writing proficiency, WP, course; a grade of C- or better
certifies writing proficiency for majors. (005575)

MATH 421 Advanced Calculus 3.0 Spring

Prerequisites: MATH 420.
Continuation of MATH 420. (005576)

MATH 426 Projective Geometry 3.0 Inquire

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 330.
Axiomatic geometry of the projective plane. Duality, collineations, correlations,
polarities, and conics. (005564)

MATH 427 Convexity 3.0 Inquire

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 330.
The isoperimetric problem and other extremum problems. Sets of constant
width. Linear programming . (005565)

MATH 428 Differential Geometry 3.0 Inquire

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 330.
The geometry of curves and surfaces in Euclidean 3-space. (005566)

MATH 429 Transformational Geometry 3.0 Inquire

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 330.
Similarity groups, affine groups, projective groups and their invariants . 3.0
hours discussion. (005567)

MATH 435 Linear Algebra 3.0 Fall

Prerequisites: MATH 220, MATH 235, MATH 330.
Vector spaces, linear operators, bilinear forms and scalar products,
unitary spaces; matrix polynomials, eigenvalues, and Jordan normal form.

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