A finite sum /difference of terms of the form where a= a real number and n= a whole
number . Ex: (Note: Descending order of powers !!!)

Monomial : A polynomial with one term Ex:

Binomial : A polynomial with 2 terms Ex:

Trinomial : A polynomial with 3 terms Ex: 

Coefficient: The number in front of a variable in a term. Ex: , The coefficient is 6.

Degree of a Term : Sum of the exponents of the variables in a term.

Degree = 5 Degree = 3 −12x Degree = 1
  Degree = 2 27 (This is a constant term) Degree = 0

Degree of a Polynomial : Equals the degree of the term with the highest power

Degree = ______

  Degree = _____

Degree = _____

Naming a Term: Name a term using its variable(s) and power(s).

5x is called an "x" term. 12t  is called a "t" term
7xy is called an "xy" term. 65 is called a "constant" or " numerical term "
  is called an "x squared term ".  

Like Terms : Terms that have the same name.

6x  and -5x are like terms

and are like terms

and 7x are NOT LIKE TERMS!!!! ( Unlike Terms )

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

(1) Remove parentheses ( Distributive Property )
(2) Combine Like Terms (Add or Subtract the coefficients of the like terms)

Add: Add: (4a − 6) + (−7a − 9) + (a − 3)
Add: Add:
Subtract: Subtract:
Subtract (5x −12) from  
Simplify :  





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