Syllabus for Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry

Math 9: Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry

Prerequisites: One year each of high school algebra and geometry

This course is designed to prepare students , majoring in bioscience, economics, and social science for courses requiring basic algebra and right angle trigonometry (e.g. Physics 2 and 5A). Course coverage includes a review of high school algebra up to and including the quadratic formula with an introduction to right angle trigonometry. Manipulative skills are emphasized.


I. Basic Algebra 3 Weeks
a. Exponents
b. Radicals
c. Factoring
d. Operations
e. Simplifying algebraic fractions

II. Equations 5 Weeks
a. Linear
b. Graphs of linear equations
c. Linear systems (not larger than 3 x 3)
d. Quadratic equations
Factoring, completing the square , quadratic formula
e. Equations of quadratic form
3x + 5 = 1/x , x4 - 2x2 = 3

III. Exponential and logarithmic functions 1 Week
a. Graphs of exponential functions
2x , (1/3) x , 5-x
b. Graphs of logarithmic functions
log2x, log x, ln x

IV. Basic trigonometry 5 Weeks
a. Angular measurement using degrees
b. Definition of trigonometric ratios
c. Solution of triangles
Right triangles, law of sines
law of cosines
d. Elementary identities
sin2 è + cos2 è = 1, 1 + tan2 è = sec2 è
e. Two dimensional vectors and resolution of vectors

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