Quadratic Functions

-Hand out "Writing Project"-Due Mon. 12/8 (in 2 weeks)
-Wrap up 8.4-Functions, Domain, Range
-Start 8.5- Quadratic Functions

8.5 HW #18 all,. 9-47 (e.o.o.), 49, 53

y is a function of x if for each independent variable there exists a
unique dependent variable .

y is a function of x if for each x there exists only one y.



Vertical Line Test : If a vertical line intersects the graph of the
relation in more than one point then the relation is not a function.

The graph below shows the (hypothetical) relationship between fuel
economy and speed.

Deepening Understanding:

1. What is the relationship between the x- intercepts and the solutions to the quadratic equation

2. What would you conjecture about the number and type of x-intercepts
for a perfect square trinomial ?

A quadratic function has a vertex at (-2, 1) and passes through the
point (2,-7).

What other (easy-to-find) point is on the graph of the quadratic

What is the vertex form of this quadratic function?

The quadratic formula was used to find that, for a certain quadratic

1. What is the axis of symmetry for this quadratic function ?

2. What are the xintercepts?

3. What is the equation of the quadratic function?

Find the equation of the parabola
plotted here .

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