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Begun March 20, 2000
Last Update: October 20, 2004

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Disclaimer:Links to these site do not constitute an endorsement by NADE, the NADEMath SPIN, or even by me of any products advertised, especially oncommercial sites, nor is there any claim that anything linked here willbe suitable for any particular purpose. I have not personally read every word of every page of every sitelisted below, just enough to get the idea that they might be usefulto instructors of developmental math.  


General Math Sites
  • TheMath Forum --this must be one of the two most-linked math sitesI've encountered. (This is at a new address: mathforum.org)
  • Mathematics Archives -- University of Tennessee,Knoxville.  (This is the other most-linked site I see.)
  • GIMPS--The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search --A page devoted to Mersenne primes (prime numbers of the form 2 p - 1).  Lists the most recent ones found and howyou can use your office computer to aid in the search for additionalMersenne primes.
  • The PrimePages -- Information on prime numbers at the University ofTennessee-Martin.
  • "Why Must I Learn Math?" ,teacher at J.S. Morton East High School in Cicero, IL.  (Note: GeoCities page, which means it has popup ads)
  • ExactlyHow is Math Used in Technology? -- Page from British Columbia(Canada) Institute of Technology.  Gives several examples of howmath is used in technical fields such as electronics, surveying,occupational health, biomedical technology, and forestry. Examples range from algebra and geometry to to calculus anddifferential equations, so this could be useful to you also if youteach non-developmental classes also.

Developmental Math Sites

Sites that would make good activities/ pages for students
In this category you'llfind sites where you could send your students, as well as sources foryou to use.
  • Graphing applet --put in a function that can be written y = f(x) and it graphsthatfunction.
  • More Javagraphing applets with instructions onhow to include them in your own page.
  • AdultNumeracy Page --from Boston.  Activities for adultslearning math.
  • Glossary of Mathematics Mistakes -- articles dealwith common mistakes made by politicians, reporters, activists,etc.  Includesreal-life examples.
  • Web Quests--A Web Quest is anactivity in which you direct students to specific web sites tofind certain information and do something with it. Here are someexamples:
    • Mr. Schick's High School Math WebQuest Archive--David Schick, a teacher at Meridian High School, Bellingham,Washington, has put together a collection of several really goodexamples of WebQuests for high school math. He also has a number ofother good activities on his pages, so check them out if youhave time.
    • Planning for Population Growth --my attempt for aclass I took. Designed for elementary or intermediate algebra,depending on where you teach graphing linear equations, slope, etc.

Technology for Classes (Calculators,etc.)

Math Self-Help Sites

Sites Faculty ----listed in alphabetical order
  • Kim Brown, Tarrant County College, Northeast Campus-- Has some interesting ideas.  Check out her musical way ofremembering the Quadratic Formula!
  • MarySusan Hall, Georgia Perimeter College --Her page is titled" and Rainbows."  Yo may have seen her speakat several recent NADE conferences.  She has online materials(notes, sample tests, etc.)  for three levels of developmentalclasses, as well as for precalculus and calculus.  Information ongraphing calculators.  The Math 99, 1101, and 1113 are actuallycomplete online courses, so if you're thinking ofan online course at your institution, you may want to check these outto see how she did hers!
  • RobertaLacefield, Waycross College -- Adult education; integrating math,technology, and science. (Roberta is a former MathSPIN chair.)
  • DarylStephens, East Tennessee State University  -- Course materialsfor prealgebra and elementary and intermediate algebra (syllabi, sampletests, quizzes)
    • Daryl Stephens' math teacher resources --funworksheets for practice in developmental and other math classes
  • BetteVeteto's Math Is Marvelous Web Page --Bette has her developmental math students write reports and haswell-organized links to all sorts of sites on math history.
DepartmentalWebsites with lots ofinformation
  • Pelissippi State Technical Community College ,Knoxville, Tennessee -- this link is to a page of resources fordevelopmental andregular math students.  Includes in-house help pages for contentareasand for calculators.
OtherMath Sites by Teachers--includes high school teachers
  • Ken Cole , McKinney High School North, McKinney,Texas--Several web-based math lessons by the school's "emergingtechnology" teacher who was previously a math teacher.  Includesinteractive algebra tiles, graphing activities, geometry activities,and Javascriptlessons.

  • Cool Math for Teachers
  • Explore Math -- Lessonplans, activities, "gizmos" (java applets to aid teaching math andscience),web space for you to make your own web pages.
  • ENC Online --Fromthe Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. A site for math and sciencelessonplans. Also includes a search engine for lessons, more web links,professionaldevelopment information, and education topics.

Math Curriculum Standards
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Principles andStandards for School Mathematics --K-12 (alsoknown as "Standards 2000")
  • Mathematical Association of America:  Quantitative Reasoning for College Graduates: A Complement to theStandards.   MAA's suggestion as to what kinds of math shouldbe required for college students.
  • AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges): Crossroadsin Mathematics: Standards for Introductory College Mathematics BeforeCalculus
    • CrossroadsRevisited Project -- update on the status of the next edition ofstandards for introductory college math

Math Education Organizations

Odds and Ends Related to TeachingMath (mostly just for fun)
  • A mathematician's most embarrassing moment (PeterAlfeld, University of Utah) -- even mathematicians can mess up thePythagorean Theorem in a stressful moment.  A pretty funny story!

Math History and MulticulturalResources
  • Mathographies --- biographical sketches of variousmathematicians (including several women)
  • Historyof old calculators (just for fun) and about the hobby ofcollecting old calculators (!) and information onthem. (new address)
  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives -- fromUniversity of St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Mathematician of the Day -- also from University ofSt. Andrews, Scotland.  Tells what mathematicians were born ordied on this day.  Has pictures, biographies, and quote of the day.

Other Lists of Links (Links to MoreLinks!)

General Interest DevelopmentalStudies and Higher Education Sites
  • Developmental Education
    • "Must" Reading List for Developmental Educators --slightly different list, with links to articles which are availableonline.  From Appalachian State University's National Center forDevelopmental Education .
    • Increasing Access:  Educating UnderpreparedStudents in U. S. Colleges and Universities Past, Present, andFuture   A mid-length (30or so pages) history of developmental education since the early18th century. Original form of an article that's now part of the 2003NADEmonograph.

  • General Higher Education Interest
    • ERICClearinghouse for Higher Education -- Okay, everyone who got agraduate degree in education in the last umpteen years has usedERIC.  But here it is anyway.
    • The Literacy &Learning Disabilities Special Collection
    • Scott'sResearch Library: Educational Research -- anincredible listing of resources available on the Net for people inhigher and K-12 education research. Guidelines, methods of research,instructional theory and design, and much more.

This page is now maintained at East Tennessee StateUniversity and is updated as time permits  Please e-mail Daryl with any linksyou would like to add!