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MATH 0305





Thestudent will be able to:


           Chapter 1      < Evaluating and translating toalgebraic expressions

<         Applythe commutative, associative, identity and inverse properties to simplifyalgebraic expressions

<         Add,subtract, multiply, and divide fractions by computation and using a calculatorto display fractions in lowest terms

                                   <         Identify real numbers and subsets of real numbers

<          Addition ofreal numbers with geometric applications

< Subtractionof real numbers

< Multiplicationand division of real numbers with geometric applications

< Simplifyexpressions containing exponents, parentheses, brackets, and absolute valuesusing the order of operations rule

< Evaluate algebraic expressions forgiven values of variables.



           Chapter 2      <         Solve linear equations in one variable

<         Solve literal equations for a specified variable

<          Solveapplication problems involving linear equations in one variable


          Chapter 3    <         Plot ordered pairs on a rectangular coordinate system

                                   <          Find orderedpair solutions for a specified linear equation in two variables and verify using the TABLE feature of a graphingcalculator

                                   < Graph a linearequation (including special cases of vertical and horizontal lines) on arectangular coordinate system and verify using a graphing calculator

<          Define arelation and a function, and distinguish between the two                                   

                                  <          Use the ZERO and INTERSECT methods with a graphing calculator to solve a linear equation in one variable.

                                   <          Define a relation and a function, and distinguish between the two.







           Chapter4       <          Determine x-and y- intercepts of a line

                                   <          Solveabsolute value equations of the form | X |= p

      Chapter5       <         Identifythe base and exponent of an exponential expression.

<         Simplifyexpressions involving integer exponents following the rules for exponentiationby computation and calculator confirmation

                                   <          Identifycoefficients, terms, factors, constants, and the degree of a specifiedpolynomial

<         Classifypolynomials as monomials, binomials, or trinomials where appropriate

< Use P(x) notation towrite and evaluate polynomials

< Add,subtract, multiply, and divide polynomials

< Polynomialsin several variables

< Simplifyexpressions involving negative exponents following the rules for exponentiationby computation and calculator confirmation

< Write decimal numerals in scientificnotation

< Convert scientific notationto decimal notation


Chapter 6  <         Factor polynomials with a greatest common factor

<         Factor polynomials by grouping and solving equations

                                   <          Factortrinomials in the form x2 + bx + c with equation solving

<         Factor trinomials in the form ax2 + bx + c, a ≠ 1, withequation solving

                                   <          Factorperfect-square trinomials and differences of two squares with equation solving

< Sums or differences of two cubes                                   

< A general strategy for factoringcompletely

                                   <          Solveapplication problems involving quadratic equations.


            Chapter7 <         Specify excluded values of the variable in a rational expression

<         Reduce rational expressions to lowest terms

                                   < Multiply, divide, add, andsubtract rational expressions

< Simplifycomplex fractions

<         Solve equations containing rational expressions

<                Solve application problems involving rational expressions