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The CACHE Corporation Provides Low-Cost Educational Site Licenses for Polymath 6.0 - the Latest Version of the

POLYMATH Numerical Computation Package

by Mordechai Shacham, Michael B. Cutlip, and Michael Elly

POLYMATH is a proven computational system that has been specifically created for professional and educational use. The various POLYMATH programs allow the user to apply effective numerical analysis techniques during interactive problem solving on personal computers. Results are presented graphically for easy understanding and for incorporation into papers and reports. Engineers, mathematicians, scientists, students, or anyone with a need to solve problems will appreciate the efficiency and speed of problem solution.

Improvements now include a new color-coded full-screen editor.  Many displays have been optimized for user efficiency.  Also provided with Polymath 6.0 is the new and UNIQUE capability to automatically export any POLYMATH problem to Excel with a single keypress. Thus problems can be solved completely in Polymath or exported to ExcelTM for solution. A POLYMATH ODE_Solver Add-In is included for solving ordinary differential equations in Excel. Automatic export to Excel includes all intrinsic functions and logical variables. Ordered equations can also be provided to assist with optional MatlabTM solutions of problems.

The Educational Version problem solving capabilities include:

  • Linear Equations - up to 264 simultaneous equations
  • Nonlinear Equations - up to 15 simultaneous nonlinear and 35 additional explicit algebraic equations
  • Differential Equations - up to 25 simultaneous ordinary differential and 35 additional explicit algebraic equations
  • Data analysis and Regression - up to 60 variables with up to 1200 data points for each, with capabilities for linear, multiple linear, and nonlinear regressions with extensive statistics plus polynomial and spline fitting with interpolation and graphing capabilities

for a brief Introduction to POLYMATH 6.0

to get a detailed Overview of  POLYMATH 6.0

Educational Site License Information

The site license allows an academic department to use POLYMATH in all computer labs and to make individual copies available to all students, faculty, and staff for installation and use on their computers.  POLYMATH can be provided by computer networks.

The current site license costs for POLYMATH are $175 and $125 for each successive year thereafter. CACHE nonmember institution rates are an initial $200 and a $150 annual fee for subsequent years. These fees cover any updates or new versions.

POLYMATH for subsequent years will be distributed in June of each year and that version will execute through August of the following year.  Additional updates throughout the year may be issued.

Participating departments are requested to distribute individual copies of the POLYMATH setup file from protected directories or in a manner that individuals outside of the institution cannot download the software.

Download fully-functional 15-day Trial of Polymath Educational Version 6.0.  Note that the extended trial offer indicated below for academic departments requires direct contact with Janet Sandy at the CACHE Office.


To order an educational site license, please complete the Standard Order form. This link will open a new window. After printing the order form, simply close the window to return to this page.  For more information, contact Janet Sandy at the CACHE Office.

POLYMATH Trial Offer

CACHE invites faculty to request this package from the CACHE Office for testing and evaluation. If your department decides to obtain POLYMATH for a three-month testing period, please be aware of the following:

  1. You may place the software in computer labs and reproduce the program as many times as you like for students, staff and faculty.
  2. Your department chairman will be informed of the testing.
  3. If you decide to use POLYMATH in your department after three months, supporting departments will be billed at the current rates given above.
  4. If you decide not to use POLYMATH after 3 months, you are expected to  remove or stop further distribution of POLYMATH.

Arrangements are made through Janet Sandy at the CACHE Office.


Additional licenses of POLYMATH are not available through CACHE.  Ordering information for Educational and Professional versions is available from the POLYMATH web site where direct download and CD-ROMs are available.  Individual student versions are provided at significantly reduced prices.  More information including fully functional 15 day Trial Versions can be found on the POLYMATH web site.


A companion book by the POLYMATH authors entitled

Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering with Numerical Methods

is available from Prentice Hall.

Authors: Michael B. Cutlip, University of Connecticut and
Mordechai Shacham, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Copyright 1999, 464 pp.
Paper Bound w/CD-ROM
ISBN 0-13-862566-2 - $54

to read more about this book and obtain ordering information.

Please send questions, comments, suggestions, and corrections to Janet Sandy at the CACHE Office.