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Completing worksheets is a typical practice activity used primarily in the classroom and for homework. Software is available that provides for the generation of worksheets in a variety of formats. This may be timesaving for teachers with students with different abilities in a class, allowing for customized worksheets. Students then complete the worksheets with a writing or marking tool. It provides a way for students to reproduce the problems in a legible format.

Other software programs are available for students who have difficulty using pencil and paper to complete math problems or who can be more independent interacting with computer programs having speech output. These programs provide a forum for the student to solve the problems independently using a computer. Because these worksheets can be accessed via the computer, any input method can be used: touch screen, mouse, trackball, expanded keyboard, etc.


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Arithmefonts (Visions Technology)
This is special font software that makes typing fractions and other math expressions easy. Teachers and parents can create math activity sheets for the student to complete. Arithmefonts includes symbols for clocks, coins, shapes, geometric expressions and number lines as well as long division, roots and set notations. (Mac/Win)

Math Companion I and II (Visions Technology)
The software program provides a way to create professional looking worksheets in seconds. The teacher selects from a list of 120 K-8 math objectives from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, to fractions, decimals and more. Word problems are available or can be added. Time, money and counting objectives are included in II. The program automatically creates the worksheets from a variety of formats. (Mac/Win)


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Access to MathAccess to Math (Don Johnston)
This program is for teachers and students. Teachers can create and store math worksheets with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Students can complete them with pencil and paper when printed out, or on the computer.

When using the computer, the program includes text-to-speech features that add voice to the math problems and answers! This can be complex to use by a student, but does offer problems in a linear (horizontal) design. (Mac Only)
Cost: $79


MathPad (IntelliTools)
Add, subtract, multiply, divide. Make your own worksheets for any student; determine the number of problems and their content. These worksheets are typically solved on the screen for students with skill levels from grades K-2. Math pad will read the problems aloud to the student. Carrying and borrowing are features that are graphically depicted. Students complete each problem one at a time; completed problems are printed out as a single worksheet. (Mac/Win)
Cost: $79.95

MathPad screen shot

Easy Access Overlays for Math Pad are available from IntelliTools for students who prefer to use an expanded keyboard instead of a mouse to complete the worksheets.


MathPad Plus (IntelliTools)
MathPad Plus screen shotA new Math Sheet program for intermediate (grades 3-5) classrooms that includes problems with fractions and decimals, including word problems. Problems can be viewed as fraction pies, rods or decimal grids. Comes with a built-in calculator; includes a User's Guide, Tutorial, and 2 double-sided overlays for IntelliKeys. (Mac/Win)
Cost: $99.95

ReadyMade Activities (IntelliTools)
Curriculum based activities to provide instruction and practice on fractions at 2 levels.
Cost: $49.95 @

MathType (Design Science, Inc.)
MathType ToolbarMathType is a tool that you use with your favorite word processor, presentation program or web page to add mathematical equations for worksheets and reports. It allows your students to do fractions, integrals, exponents and create formulas for symbols and functions, etc. When used with MS Word, a floating toolbar makes editing equations easy. You can also save these files as webpages for access anytime.

Online Worksheets

There are several available online worksheet resources. Look for ones to be completed online and others to be printed out and used. Many sites offer a range of math activities and topics from simple computations to math games to algebra problems.

A+ Math
Offers printed or online math sheets along with flashcards and games for kids.

Thousands of free mathematical worksheets: Algebra, Decimals, Fractions, Ratios, Measurement, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Polynomials. Plus Puzzles, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Math Worksheets
Create and print math worksheets for children learning simple arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

RHL School
Math computation and problem solving worksheets are available to print and use.

School Express
The worksheet sections includes math topics: basic functions plus telling time to print and use. In the Online area you can create problems online to solve. Children can answer the problems and have them graded online, or print the worksheet for offline.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator
Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.