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My husband has been using the software since he went back to school a few months ago. Hes been out of college for over 10 years so he was very rusty with his math skills. A teacher friend of ours suggested the program since she uses it to teach her students fractions. Mike has been doing well in his two math classes. Thank you!
Lee Wyatt, TX

My son Ryan has become very knowledgeable with algebraic equations thanks to using this quality piece of software. Thank you very much!
Trish Cooper, CO

I am actually pleased at the content driven focus of the algebra software. We can use this in our secondary methods course as well as math methods.
Leslie Smith, MA

I like algebra but was not able to finish the homework on time. Things have changed now for me.
Kenneth Schneider, WV

I like the ability to show all, some, or none of the steps. Sometimes I need to cross reference my work, and other times I just need to check the solution. I also like how an explanation can be shown for each step. That helps learn the functions of each different method for solving.
David Felton, MT

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