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No offense, but Ive always thought that math, especially algebra, just pretty much, well, was useless my whole life. Now that I get it, I have a whole new appreciation for its purpose and need in todays technological world! Plus, I can now honestly pursue my dream of being a video game creator and I probably would have realized too late that, without advanced math, you just cant do it!
Maria Chavez, TX

My son used your algebra software during this school year. He felt it provided him additional support that was not always available at school and helped produce an A for both semesters. In addition, he felt that the software was an excellent review for the final exam. Today I am happy to say that I purchased the Algebra Software as a resource for him.
M.H., Georgia

This is excellent tutoring software, it really helped get my grades up, and it is so easy even a total dummy like me could do it.
Kara Lyssa, WI

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