multiplying or dividing scientific notation
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Heya guys! Is someone here know about multiplying or dividing scientific notation? I have this set of questions about it that I just can’t understand. We were assigned to answer it and understand how we came up with the answer . Our Math teacher will select random people to solve the problem as well as show solutions to class so I need thorough explanation regarding multiplying or dividing scientific notation. I tried answering some of the questions but I think I got it completely wrong . Please assist me because it’s a bit urgent and the due date is quite near already and I haven’t yet figured out how to solve this.
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How about some more particulars on your problem with multiplying or dividing scientific notation? I might be able to throw some light on . If you are not able to get a good help or some one to sit and sort out your trouble or if the cost is too high , then there might be another way out . There are some good algebra programs that you can try . I tried them out myself. It came across to me as fine as any tutor can be. I would opt Algebrator for the kind of answer that you are in search of . What is nice about it is that it tutors you to the solutions rather than plainly giving the answer. Why not try it out?
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I found out a a few software programs that are pertinent . I tried them out. The Algebrator seemed to be the best suited one for percentages, graphing circles and matrices. It was also uncomplicated to work with . It took me step by step towards the solution rather than only giving the solution. That way I got to learn how to work out the problems too. By the time I was done with it , I had learnt how to work out the problems. I found them valuable for Basic Math, Intermediate algebra and Algebra 1 which assisted me in my algebra classes. May be, this is just the thing for you . Why not try this out?
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I remember having often faced problems with quadratic inequalities, radical expressions and proportions. A truly great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem from workbook a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many math classes – Algebra 1, Remedial Algebra and College Algebra. I greatly recommend the program.
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Thanks for the detailed instructions, this sounds awesome. I wished for something just like Algebrator, because I don't want a software which only solves the exercise and shows the final result, I want something that can really explain me how the exercise needs to be solved. That way I can understand it and after that solve it without any help , not just copy the results. Where can I find the program ?
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Its simple , just click on the following link and you are good to go – And remember they even give an unconditional money back guarantee with their program, but I’m sure you’ll love it and won’t ever ask for your money back.
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