aptitude math test for 7th std
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post url Posted: Wednesday 26th of Aug 09:56    

aptitude math test for 7th std is my worst problem. Can some one help me understand it? I am a beginner at it. What book or other resource do you suggest for beginning this subject?
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From: egypt,alexandria

post url Posted: Thursday 27th of Aug 07:07    

With a bit more detailed information about aptitude math test for 7th std, I plausibly could help you if I knew a few more . If you don’t want to hire a algebra tutor, who is very expensive you can try this software Algebrator which I encountered and guarantee to be the best available. This Algebrator is equipped to solve any math problem that you enter and it also clarifies every step of the solution. You only have to reprint as your homework. However, it is better to take the help of the Algebrator to learn algebra rather than use it to copy answers.
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I looked into a number of software programs before I decided on Algebrator. This was the most suited for x-intercept, binomials and slope. It was effortless to key in the problem. Instead of simply giving the answer , it took me through all the steps clearing up all the way until it reached the answer . By the time, I arrived at the answer I learnt how to go about it by myself. I used the program for deciphering my problems in College Algebra, Pre Algebra and Intermediate algebra in math. Do you suppose that you will like to try this out?
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post url Posted: Friday 28th of Aug 21:18    

Really? That sounds like what I need as well . So where did you go to get the program ?
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post url Posted: Saturday 29th of Aug 10:02    

Yes I’m sure. This is tried and tested. Here: https://softmath.com/news.html. Try to make use of it. You’ll be improving your solving abilities way quicker than just by reading tutorials.
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