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Hello Math experts ! I am a beginner at taks math worksheets. I seem to understand the lectures in the class well, but when I begin to solve the questions at home myself, I commit mistakes. Does anyone know of any resource where I can get my solutions checked before submitting them for grading? Or any resource where I can get to see a step by step answer ?
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Hi, Algebrator offered at the site https://softmath.com/links-to-algebra.html can be of great aid to you. I am a math coach who give private tuitions to students and I recommend Algebrator to my students since that assists them a lot when they sit to work on their math problems by themselves at home.
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That’s right Algebrator it’s the best algebra program I’ve ever tried!. It really helped me with one syntehtic division exam . All you have to do it’s to copy the problem , click on “SOLVE” and it gives you a really explained answer. I really like this software and always recommend it. I have used it through several algebra classes!
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I am not trying to run away from my problems . I do admit that dozing off is not a solution to it either. Please let me know where I can find this piece of program .
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Well, if it is as you say; then do visit https://softmath.com/algebra-software-guarantee.html. This is a tool that helps people excel their math.
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I remember having often faced problems with perfect square trinomial, quadratic inequalities and roots. A truly great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem from workbook a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many math classes – Remedial Algebra, Basic Math and Pre Algebra. I greatly recommend the program.
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