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relationship of quadratic equation and linear equation
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Registered: 13.11.2004

post url Posted: Sunday 30th of May 18:19    

I think God must have been in a really bad mood that he came up with something called algebra to trouble us! I’ve spent hours working on this algebra problem which relates to relationship of quadratic equation and linear equation and I still can’t crack it. I’m particularly having problems with syntehtic division, syntehtic division and radical expressions. Can anyone show me the way on how to go about solving such problems? I’ve tried all ways that I could think of, but none helped. I need some urgent guidance now. Anybody?
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Registered: 07.05.2006
From: egypt

post url Posted: Tuesday 01st of Jun 09:02    

Dear Friend, don't get strained. Check out https://softmath.com/ordering-algebra.html, https://softmath.com/news.html and https://softmath.com/. There is a tool by name Algebrator available at all the three sites. This utility would render all the details that you would need on the title Remedial Algebra. But, ensure that you go through all the lessons intently.
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Registered: 05.07.2001
From: Toronto, Ontario

post url Posted: Tuesday 01st of Jun 14:06    

Algebrator is very useful, but please never use it for copy pasting solutions. Use it as a guide to understand and clear your concepts only.
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Registered: 09.08.2002
From: Chattanooga, TN

post url Posted: Wednesday 02nd of Jun 15:47    

factoring expressions, multiplying fractions and x-intercept were a nightmare for me until I found Algebrator , which is truly the best math program that I have come across. I have used it frequently through many math classes – College Algebra, College Algebra and College Algebra. Just typing in the math problem and clicking on Solve, Algebrator generates step-by-step solution to the problem, and my algebra homework would be ready. I really recommend the program.
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