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I am actually pleased at the content driven focus of the algebra software. We can use this in our secondary methods course as well as math methods.
Brian Phillips, WI

My math professor suggested I use your Algebrator product to help me learn the quadratic equations, and non-linear inequalities, since I just could not follow what he was teaching. I was very skeptical at first, but when I started to understand how to enter the equations, I was amazed with the solution process your software provides. I tell everyone in my class that has problems to purchase your product.
Beverly Magrid, CA

Algebrator is worth the cost due to the approach. The easiness with which my son uses it to learn how to solve complex equations is really a marvelous.
Rebecca Cox, WY

My former algebra tutor got impatient whenever I couldnt figure out an equation. I eventually got tired of her so I decided to try the software. Im so impressed with it! I cant stress enough how great it is!
Tim Blumberg, CA

The Algebrator is awesome and out of this world! Thanks for making my life so much easier!
Rebecca Cox, WY

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