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I was afraid of algebra equations. After using Algebrator, the fear has vanished. In fact, I have almost started enjoying doing my algebra homework (I know, it is hard to believe!)
Joseph K., MN

I think this is a great piece of software. I applaud your efforts to bring a product to struggling math students such as myself.
Clara Johnson, ND

I am a student at Texas State University. I bought your product Algebrator and I can honestly say it is the reason I am passing my math class!
James Mathew, CA

Thank you so much for your continued help and support. You said you would stick with me until you resolved the problem and you did. I really appreciate your help. I like the program very much and look forward to learning it well. My compliments to your company for having competent tech support personnel that are willing to go above and beyond in resolving software problems.
Perry Huges, KY

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