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Its been a long time since I needed to understand algebra and when it came time to helping my son, I couldnt do it. Now, with your algebra software, we are both learning together.
Brian Cook, CO

This version is 1000 times better then the last. It's easier to use and understand. I love it! Great job!
Mario Certa, CA

I have never been so confident with algebra before this. I will surely recommend Algebrator to all my friends.
Jessie James, AK

If anybody needs algebra help, I highly recommend 'Algebrator'. My son had used it and he has shown tremendous improvement in this subject.
Jeff Kasten, MI

I decided to home school my children at a young age. Once they were older, I quickly realized that I was not able to create efficient math lesson plans before I did not have the knowledge to do so. Algebrator not only allowed me to teach my children algebra, but it also refreshed my knowledge as well. Thank you for creating sure a wonderful program!
A.R., Arkansas

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