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I was really struggling with algebra equations. I am embarrassed to say, but the fact is, I am not good in math. Therefore, I constantly need assistance. Then I came across this software 'Algebrator'. And ,vow !! It has changed my life. I am no more dependent on anyone except on this little piece of software.
Farley Evita, IN

I am a parent of an 8th grader:The software itself works amazingly well - just enter an algebraic equation and it will show you step by step how to solve and offer clear, brief explanations, invaluable for checking homework or reviewing a poorly understood concept. The practice test with printable answer key is a great self check with a seemingly endless supply of non-repeating questions. Just keep taking the tests until you get them all right = an A+ in math.
Kevin Woods, WI

It appears you have improved upon an already good program. Again my thanks, and congrats.
Tara Fharreid, CA

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