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Im a retired high school teacher and currently work as a tutor. It always used to frustrate me that a child could do so well as long as I was sitting there with them but as soon as I had to leave, the child went back to struggling. Through my research, I found your product. The parents bought it for their son and Im glad to say hes doing terrific all on his own.
Maria Peter, NY

The program has led my daughter, Brooke to succeed in her honors algebra class. Although she was already making good grades, the program has allowed her to become more confident because she is able to check her work.
Nathan Lane, AZ

Your new release is so much more intuitive! You team was quick to respond. Great job! I will recommend the new version to other students.
Peter Goodman, TN

I do love how it solves the equations, it's clear enough to understand the steps, I think I can start teaching my lil sister how to solve those kind of equations :D
Tara Fharreid, CA

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