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Algebra Review

The questions below represent a selection of important algebraic topics . You will
probably need to do some written work before choosing your final answer. Note: A
calculator is not necessary and should not be used.

Laws of Exponents

Evaluating, Factoring , Simplifying

5 If a = 2 and b = -3, then

8 What number must be added to 9x2 + 9x to form a perfect square?

10 Which of the following are the roots of x 2 - 5x - 2 = 0?

Inequalities and Absolute Value

12 The inequality |x - 4| > 3 is equivalent to

13 The inequality x 2 - 2x < 8 is equivalent to

14 The inequality |1 - 2x| < 9 is equivalent to

Linear Equations and Graphs

15 In the system of equations

16 In a room with 35 men, 80% of the occupants are women. How many women
are in the room?

(A) 28 (B) 63 (C) 105 (D) 140 (E) 175

17 For what value of t does

(E) There is no value of t that satisfies
this equation .

18 The figure below is a portion of the line whose equation is

20 A line L passes through the point (-1, 3) and is perpendicular to the line with
equation y = 4x + 2. An equation for L is

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