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Rational exponents

Key Concepts: Rational exponents

Textbook sections and practice problems
7.2: 1-109 odd
Expressing roots and radicals with exponents
Assuming that a is in the domain and n is a positive integer ,

Example 1
Express each radical expression using a rational exponent.

Example 2
Express each exponential expression in radical form.

Assuming that a is in the domain and m and n are positive integers ,

Example 3
Simplify each radical expression after first rewriting the expression in exponential form.

Example 4
Find each number on your calculator . (Round to the nearest 100th).

Example 5
Find each number without the use of your calculator .

Example 6
Find each function value .
Find f (−17) where

Find g (64) where

Find k (−8) where

Example 7
Graph each equation on your calculator and copy the graph onto the provided grid. Then state the
domain and range of the function.



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