Algebra Formulas

Geometry Quadratic Equation
Equation of a circle :
Center = (h,k ), Radius = r
Quadratic Function: y=

Vertex =

Distance Formula :

Quadratic Formula

Slope : , Parallel lines :  m1 = m2 , Perpendicular lines:

Point- Slope Formula :
Slope- Intercept Form : y = mx + b , Horizontal Line: y = b, Vertical Line: x = a
(m = 0) (m undefined)

Standard Form: Ax + By = C

Midpoint Formula:


Difference of Squares :
Perfect Square Binomials :

Difference of Cubes
Perfect Cube Binomials
Sum of Cubes
Exponents / Radicals Imaginary Number Absolute Value

For a> 0,

Area & Perimeter Formulas

Area (A) is the amount of square units of space an object occupies.
Perimeter (P) is the distance around a figure.

1.Square: A quadrilateral (4-sided figure)
with four 90o (right) angles and four equal sides.
2. Triangle: A 3-sided figure
3. Rectangle: A quadrilateral with four 90o (right) angles.
4. Right Triangle: triangle with a 90o (right)

5. Parallelogram: A quadrilateral with equal opposite sides.
6. Trapezoid: A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

7. Circle: A set of points a constant distance (radius) from a given point (center).

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