Fraction Sense & Operations

Find three equivalent fractions or mixed numbers

      2. 7/4      

Write each fraction in simplest form .

      4. 72/54      

Write each mixed number as an improper fraction.


Add or subtract . Simplify.

9.   10.  
11.   12.  
13.   14.  
15.   16.  

Multiply . Answers greater than one may be written as a simplified improper fraction.

17.   18.  
19.   20.  
21.   22.  
23.   24.  

Place in order from greatest to least .



27. If 1/7 of a number is 10, what is 1/5 of the number?  

Some sixth grade homeroom teachers surveyed students on their favorite type of lunch desert: Little
Debbies or Hostess. The following table contains the results:

Homeroom Fraction of students who
Homeroom Fraction of students who
Landry 5/6 Giffin 3/4
Johnsen 7/8 Mangham 9/10


28. Of the students in Mr. Mangham’s class that picked Little Debbies,2/3 were boys.
What fraction of his total class were boys that chose Little Debbies?
29. Of the students in Mrs. Landry’s class that picked Little Debbies,3/8 said Swiss
Cakes Rolls were their favorites. What fraction of her total class liked Swiss Cake
Rolls the best?
30. Dr. Giffin has 28 students in her class. How many chose Little Debbies as their
31. Ms. Johnsen has 24 students in her class. How many chose Hostess as their

Trick or Treating

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there were some 6th graders who went trick or treating. They
each were trying to get as much candy as possible so that they would be hyper during the next day in
math class . Little did they know that their mean math teacher, Mr. Mangham, was going to confiscate all
the candy they brought to school. The following table provides a summary of their trick or treating

Student Number of
Number of homes
that gave them candy
MILES walked
gathering candy
Pounds of candy
Katy 36 24
Turner 25 20
Tariq 30 25
Paige 32 24


32. What fraction of the homes did not give Turner candy?  
33. Which 6th grader received candy from a higher fraction of homes: Turner or Tariq?  
34. 2/3 of the way through her walk, Katy had her Halloween mask stolen by Kamy.
What fraction of a mile did Katy have her mask?
35. Tariq ate 9/20 of his total candy before arriving back home. How many pounds of
candy did Tariq eat before arriving home?
36. According to the chart Paige collected three and three-fourths pounds of candy.
How many ounces did she collect (one pound = 16 ounces)?
37. Paige kept track of what each of the 24 houses gave her for candy. One-half of the
homes gave her Snickers bars, one-fourth gave her Milky Ways, and one-eighth
gave her Three Musketeers. How many houses gave her some other kind of

Mr. Mangham discovers the following items in his refrigerator one Saturday afternoon:

Pumpkin Pie 5/6 of a whole Ketchup jars
Apple Little Debbies 12
PB&J sandwich 6 whole sandwiches Orange Juice 4/5 of a liter
Macaroni & Cheese pounds Mint Chocolate Chip Ice


38. If he eats 1/2 of the remaining apples, how many apples did he eat?  
39. If he uses 1/5 of the ketchup, how much ketchup did he use?  
40. If he eats 3/8 of the ice cream, how much is LEFT?  
41. If he eats 7/4 of the Macaroni & Cheese, how many pounds did he eat?  
42. If Ms. Moore has three times the amount of pumpkin pies, how many pumpkin
pies does she have?


43. Solve this problem three ways: one with pictures, one with the
distributive property , and one the normal mathematical way.
Show all work on graph paper .

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