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Fun with inequalities

Please turn in your take-home exam in the pile
corresponding to your section up front

Working with inequalities : You can add , subtract ,
multiply , or divide the same number on both sides of an
inequality . Exception: If you multiply or divide by a
negative number , you need to change the direction of
the inequality sign .

2 ways to write your answer:

Set notation               Interval notation

The logic of and & or:

-If two statements are connected by and, both must be
true to make the whole thing true

-If two statements are connected by or, at least one of the
must be true to make the whole thing true

Steps to solving quadratic inequalities:

0.Put everything  on one side
1. Factor
2.Set each factor equal to 0 and divide the number line
into intervals
3. Test a point in each interval to see if positive or negative
4. Write down solution intervals

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