Represent and solve each problem with a diagram. Then solve each problem with arithmetic .

1. Josie's Jammers have adopted a 4-mile stretch of highway to keep clean. Each afternoon they
pick up trash. If they can clean 2/3 of a mile per day, how many days will it take them to
clean the whole section?

2. Chien has 2/3 of a gallon of gasoline, and each time he mows the lawn , he uses 1/6 of a
gallon. How many times can he mow the lawn before buying more gasoline?

3. Lyra is building dog houses. She has 7 1/2 pounds of nails. Each dog house requires 1 1/4
pounds of nails. How many dog houses can she make?

4. Freida had 12 inches of wire and cut pieces that were each 3/4 of an inch long. How many
pieces does she have now?

5. Jake had 12 cookies and ate 3/4 of them. How many cookies did he eat?

6. The Bassarear family is driving from home to a friend's house, and Emily and Josh are
restless. They ask, "How far do we have to go?" Their father replies that they have gone 12
miles and that they are 3/4 of the way there. What is the distance from home to the friend's

7. Karla has 3/4 of an acre of land for her garden. She has divided this garden into 12 equal
regions. What is the size of each region?

8. Marvin has 11 yards of cloth to make costumes for a play. Each costume requires 1 1/2 yards
of material. How many costumes can he make?

a. Represent and solve the problem with a diagram.

b. Solve the problem using the division algorithm .

c. Can you explain the fact that the diagram and the algorithm produce different answers ?

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