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Quadratic Formula

1. Use the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations.
For equations in the form
ax2 + bx + c = 0 , the quadratic formula is :



*Be careful when c is negative , −4(5)(−2) = +40


( simplify )

(You must be able to divide both pieces on the top to reduce the fraction .)


(simplify  )


(simplify: )



Since there is no radical left , you must write two equations and solve.

2. Solve using your choice of methods .
(a) If there is x2 , but not x1
term , use the square root method. OR if there is
( )2
*Remember to always put ± . Never take the square root of  ax 2 , but
must divide by a first.

(b) Factor if possible .

(c) Use the formula.


*Remember to never .Divide by 2 first.


Since there is no radical left, you must write two equations and solve.

Remember to factor any denominators first .

You must list restrictions anytime there is a letter in the denominators.


Multiply each term by the common denominator ( x − 3)( x − 4) .

Assignment: 1.5 page 144, 65 – 73 odd, 83 – 107 odd

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