Slope and a Point

You can graph a line using one point on the line and
the slope. First, graph the point . Then, start at that
point and use the slope to find another point.

Slope- Intercept Form

Sometimes, you write equations so you can find the
slope and y - intercept of a line just by looking at the

y= m x+ b

Here m= slope, and b = y-intercept.

Example: Find slope and y - intercept of y =-x-2
Solution : Compare the above equation with the
Slope- intercept form y= m x+ b

we have m=-1 and b=-2
The slope is -1 and y-intercept is -2.

The Standard Form.

Linear equations can be written in many ways. The
standard form is one way.
Standard form is Ax+ By=C
You can rewrite an equation in standard form as an
equation in slope intercept form.

Example: Write the equation 3x+y=-7 in slope-intercept
Solution : substract 3x from both sides

This is slope intercept form

Therefore you can write 3x+y=-7 as y=-3x-7.

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