Elementary Algebra Topics


A presentation of the basic concepts of algebra: linear equations in
one and two variables including systems and graphing , linear
inequalities, literal equations , integer exponents , polynomials ,
factoring, quadratic equations , and simple rational expressions .
Applications are included throughout the course.

MA091 meets 3 hours each week.
MA091A meets 5 hours each week


A grade of A, B, C, or S in MA090, appropriate score on the
mathematics assessment test, or consent of department.

MA091A is strongly recommended for students who have earned a
grade of C in MA090 or who have never taken an algebra course or
who are repeating MA091.


Assessment level: RD099/103.
Topics I. Solving linear equations and inequalities in one variable
II. Solve literal equations for a specified variable
III. Graphing linear equations in two variables
1. Cartesian coordinate system
2. Slope
3. Deriving equations of lines
IV. Solving systems of linear equations in two variables
V. Exponents
VI. Polynomials
1. Basic operations with polynomials
VII. Factoring
1. Common factors
2. Trinomials
3. Difference of squares
VIII. Rational expressions
1. Basic operations
2. Solving equations
IX. Radicals
1. Find square roots with and without a calculator
X. Quadratic equations
1. Solve by factoring
2. Solve by quadratic formula
3. Modeling real -world applications with linear, quadratic,
and/or rational equations as well as systems of linear


Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 4th ed.; K. Elayn Martin-Gay,
Prentice Hall.

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