Intermediate Algebra Qualifying Test

Don’t look at this sheet till you’ve worked all the test problems to the best of your ability. Then score yourself using the answers below.

Next to each answer you’ll find the concept(s) that the question tested. To prepare for the real pretest , consult any textbook or tutor for that topic, and work some practice problems to bring your abilities up to snuff.

Answers Algebra Concept :
1. Order of operations and signed numbers
2. Evaluating algebraic expressions
3. Evaluating algebraic formulas
4. Collecting like terms
5. Binomial multiplication
6. Exponential multiplication
7. Trinomial factoring
8. Raising a power to a power
9. Monomial division
10. Monomial multiplication
11. Grouping symbols
12. Adding polynomials
13. Solving linear equations
14. Solving quadratic equations
15. Slopes of lines – graphing
16. Adding polynomials
17. Evaluating algebraic formulas
18. Writing algebraic expressions
19. Solving for a variable in terms of another
20. Evaluating algebraic formulas
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