Introductory Algebra Online

Course Textbook
Elayn Martin-Gay, Beginning Algebra, Fifth Edition (MyMathLab Edition)

Course Number /Credit Hours*
The course number for Introductory Algebra is MAT 0024. 3 credit hours for this course (3 class and 2
laboratory hours). *Preparatory credit only, does not count toward a degree.

Course Description
This course prepares students for MAT 1033. The topics are properties of integers, properties of
rational numbers , integer exponents, simple linear equations , simple linear inequalities, operations on
polynomials, introduction to graphing, and introduction to operations on rational expressions. Word
problems and critical thinking skills are topics and concepts used throughout the course.

Course Content
Fractions – Chapter R (R2); The Set of Real Numbers – Chapter 1(1.1 – 1.6); Linear Equations and
Inequalities – Chapter 2 (R3, 2.1 – 2.7); Graphing Linear Equations in Two Variables – Chapter 3 (3.1 –
3.4); Polynomials and Properties of Exponents – Chapter 5 (5.1 – 5.7); Factoring Polynomials – Chapter
6 (6.1 - 6.7); Rational Expressions – Chapter 7 (7.1, 7.2, 7.7); Radicals – Chapter 8 (8.1 – 8.3)

Course Materials**
◊2” three-ring binder
◊ Your Textbook (mentioned above)
◊1 set of 5 dividers (label your dividers as : syllabus, weekly assignments, notes/handouts, mymathlab modules, and tests)
◊Lined/Graph Paper

Course Completion
In order to successfully complete this course and move on to the next course, you must earn a course
average of 70% or higher and pass the final exam with 70% or higher.

You will be expected to attend the orientation class if you have never taken an internet course. You
will be expected to view the online orientation presentation. You will be expected to go to an
Assessment Center in your area and take the three tests and the final exam at the appropriate time.
You will also be expected to be online and complete the computer work. It is critical that you plan
your time for this course.


Discussion Question (5 points)
Post your “plan for learning the material” on the discussion board.

Homework (using MyMathLab) (100 points)
You will have homework for each topic. You will have some homework set up with the textbook software (MyMathLab), some handouts with problems, and some computer modules. You may also complete additional problems from the textbook. To earn full credit on your homework, you must make an average of 80% or higher, otherwise, the grade on the homework.

The only way to learn mathematics is to practice the problems yourself. Studying the material and completing the homework for this course will require a minimum of 9 – 10 hours of time per week. Please allow for it in your schedule. An internet course takes more time that a traditional course because you have to teach yourself the material.

Computer Modules and Online Practice Final (10 points each)
You are required to complete 12 computer lab modules (listed below) and both versions of the online practice final. You will be using MyMathLab ( to complete and submit your work. MyMathLab is a Math Software strictly online that coincides with your textbook. The online practice final is available on the prep math website. To earn full credit on your modules, you must make an average of 75% or higher, otherwise, the grade on the module.

  MyMathLab Modules Completed Modules Due Dates
Module 1 Adding and Subtracting Integers   Sunday,
September 21
Module 2 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions  
Module 3 Simplifying Expressions  
Module 4 Solving Linear Equations  
Module 5 Plotting Points/ Table of Values   Sunday,
October 26 (midnight)
Module 6 Graphing Linear Equations  
Module 7 Exponents  
Module 8 Multiplying Polynomials  
Module 9 More Exponents  
Module 10 GCF /Factor by Grouping   Sunday, December 14 (midnight)
Module 11 Factoring Trinomials  
Module 12 Zero Factor Property  

You are responsible for making sure all modules are completed before the deadline. No Exceptions! No Excuses!

Exams (100 points each)
 There will be 3 tests and a comprehensive final. The final exam is mandatory. There will be NO make-up tests given. You will have a 2 day time block given in advance for each test. Make sure you arrive at the test site that you have chosen in time to finish the test.

Final Examination (100 points)
The final exam is a state exit exam. You must pass it to pass the course!! This is by state regulation. If you complete all the required homework and work the practice exams, you should be well prepared for the exit exam. No calculator is allowed on the exit exam.

Test/Exam Dates

Tests Available Deadline to take
Test 1 September 15, 16 September 16
Test 2 October 20, 21 October 21
Test 3 November 17, 18 November 18
Final Exam December 5, 8, 9 December 9

Grading Scale
Percentage: A: 90 – 100 B: 80 – 89 C: 70 – 79 D: 60 – 69 F: 0 – 59

Any student found guilty of cheating or plagiarism will receive a grade of zero. In addition, he or she will be referred to the Academic Review Board for disciplinary action that may result in expulsion, probation, or suspension.

 In order to qualify for a grade “I”, you must currently have a “C” or higher and cannot complete the course due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control.

Last day to drop this course is Friday, August 29, 2008. Last day to withdraw from this course with a “W” is Monday, November 10, 2008.

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