Math 115 Elementary Algebra

Course: Math 115, Elementary Algebra
Ticket Number 0288: MW 12:25 pm – 2:55 pm: BUNG-6

Text: Elementary Algebra, 8th. Edition, by Kaufmann and Schwitters

Prerequisite: Math 112 with a grade of “C” or better, or appropriate skill level
demonstrated through the Mathematics assessment process.

Important Dates:
Sep. 12: Last day to ADD classes
Sep. 26: Last day to DROP classes, without a “W”
Nov. 10: Veterans Day Holiday (College closed)
Nov. 21: Last day to DROP, with a “W”
Nov. 27-30: Thanksgiving Holiday (College closed)
Common Final Exam: Saturday Dec 20, from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm

Course Description:
We will cover the following topics:
• Ch 1 Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra
• Ch 2 Real Numbers
• Ch 3 Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving
• Ch 4 Formulas and Problem Solving
• Ch 5 Exponents and Polynomials
• Ch 6 Factoring, Solving Equations , and Problem Solving
• Ch 7 Algebraic Fractions
• Ch 8 Coordinate Geometry and Linear Systems
• Ch 9 Roots and Radicals
• Ch 10 Quadratic Equations
• Ch 11 Additional Topics-Relations and Functions

Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Write and solve linear algebraic equations and inequalities .
2. Simplify algebraic expressions.
3. Construct and analyze a linear graph in a Cartesian coordinate system.
4. Solve quadratic and rational equations .
5. Solve a system of two linear equations.
6. Setup and solve application problems.

Course Objectives:
1. Categorize numbers.
2. Manipulate numbers using numerical operations .
3. Evaluate arithmetic expressions with exponents.
4. Solve first-degree equations and inequalities .
5. Solve formulas for a given variable .
6. Recognize and solve proportions problems; solve word problems.
7. Simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials.
8. Simplify expressions containing negative exponents .
9. Factor polynomials using appropriate methods
10. Apply factoring techniques to solve second-degree equations.
11. Factoring polynomials using a variety of techniques.
12. Solve equations and word problems using factoring.
13. Manipulate and simplify algebraic fractions using basic operations.
14. Solve equations containing algebraic fractions.
15. Graph equations in two variables.
16. Determine equations of lines.
17. Solve systems of equations.
18. Determine roots; simplify, add, subtract, multiply, and divide radicals .
19. Solve equations containing radicals.
20. Solve quadratic equations using completing the square and the quadratic
21. Define and evaluate relations and functions.

Course Organization: The course will follow the attached course schedule as closely as possible.

Tutorial: Drop-in tutoring is available at the Math Center located in the basement of theCampus Center and in the Math Lab located in the Library Learning Center.

Homework/ Group assignments :
• Homework will be assigned and collected weekly. Work MUST be shown
and no credit will be given for a list of answers. Late homework will not
be accepted.
Plan on studying and/or completing homework as soon as
you can after each class meeting.
• Group assignments will be given regularly. You will work in groups of 3 to
5 on every assignment. At the end of the class all of the papers will be
collected, but only one paper from each group will be graded. Each
person in the group receives that grade. Group assignments cannot be
made up.

Exams: There will be six exams. The lowest grade will be dropped. There will be no
make-up examinations, since the missed exam will be the one dropped. Any
other missed exam will receive a grade of 0. A common final will be given
Saturday Dec 20. There are no make-ups for the final and all students must
take the final exam. Graphing calculators , cell phones, etc. are not allowed
during exams

Homework/Group assignments 12 %
Exams (Best 5) 58 %
Final 30 %

Letter grades will be determined by your overall percentage in the course:
A = 90%-100%
B = 80%-89%
C = 70%-79%
D = 60%-69%
F = 0%-59%

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Unexcused absences of
four meetings may result in excluding students from class. Students
themselves are responsible for dropping a class they no longer attend; failure
to do so may result in a grade of F.

Class comportment: All students are expected to arrive on time. Late arrivals are disruptive to both
the lecturer and students. Once you are seated, do not leave the room until
dismissed. Such comings and goings are also disruptive. Students must turn
off cell phones while in class. Students are encouraged to ask questions and
make comments on the lecture material. This should be done in a courteous
manner by raising one’s hand and being recognized. Side conversations
between students that disrupt the flow of the lecture will not be tolerated. It is
the student’s responsibility to manage his or her academic workload. Should a
student decide to stop attending class it is their responsibility to drop the class.
All students appearing on the grade roster will receive a grade regardless of
whether they are attending classes or not.

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