Course Description: This one-credit course is a 20-hour intensive review of math
concepts prior to the Summer 2009 Session covering
prealgebra and elementary algebra topics, that prepares
qualified students to potentially improve their math course
placement. Students should have a history of being successful
in equivalent levels of math, although they may not recall
enough information to place well on the placement test.
Students who are successful in this class have the possibility of
advancing through one or two semesters of developmental math!

Student Learning

To demonstrate mastery of prealgebra and/or elementary
algebra skills required to be successful in a developmental
math course.

To recognize that solution processes are multifaceted and be
able to use the necessary logic and formulas in a path to

To communicate solutions to problems verbally and in writing,
using a logical, clear and concise sequence of thought.

To demonstrate an improved comfort level when applying
critical thinking and problem solving skills.

To work collaboratively with others to enhance mathematical
understanding through problem solving.


The prerequisite for this course is placement into DEVM 050
or DEVM 060, by a placement test (preferably COMPASS) or
completion of a Developmental Math course with a grade of C
or better.


Grading will be Pass/Fail.
To receive a grade of Pass:
- Take Accuplacer Pre-Test on Day 1
- Take Accuplacer Post-Test on Day 10
- Attend 9 out of the 10 days of the course

Attendance Policy:

It is the student’s responsibility to arrive at each class session,
prepared with text and materials. It is to the student’s
advantage to attend every class in order to keep up with the
material and to be successful in the course. Remember, this
review course covers 2 semesters in 2 weeks! Attendance is a
critical piece to success in this course.


A test will be given at the end of the prealgebra section (week
one). Those students achieving a score of 70 or better on the
prealgebra test may continue with the elementary algebra
portion during the second week. Those achieving less than a
70 on the prealgebra test may continue working on prealgebra
with another instructor during the second week.

Calculator Use :

Calculator use is permitted.

Math Lab:

A tutor is available everyday that the class is in session in
GRUE 305. (11:00-12:00 am). In addition, the tutor will work
with students continuing in the prealgebra section from 9:00-
11:00 a.m. during the second week. A computer software
program will be utilized.


Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation
based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately
to discuss his or her specific needs. Please contact Disability
Services at 474-7043, located at the Center for Health and
Counseling, second floor Health, Safety and Security building,
to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with
documented disabilities.


In addition to the classroom testing, all students will take the
ACCUPLACER test on the first and last day of the course.
The final placement score will be taken into consideration for
the Summer and/or Fall 2009 semester math placement.


Class # Date Topics  
1 M May 11 1-5 1- Rounding
2- Mult. & Div Prop of 1 and 0
3- Exponential Notation
4- Operations with Integers
5- Order of Operations
2 T May 12 6-11 6- The Language of Algebra
7- Combining Like Terms
8- Solving Equations: Addition Prop
9- Solving Equations: Mult Prop
10- Solving Equations: Using Both Prop
11- Intro to Fractions
3 W May 13 12-17 12- Fractions: Mult & Div
13- Fractions: Add & Sub
14- Fractions: Solving Equations with Fractions
15- Fractions: Operations with Mixed Numbers
16- Working with Decimals
17- Ratios and Proportions
4 R May 14 18-23 18- Solving Word Problems
19- Understanding Percents
20- Rectangular Coordinate System & Graphing
21- Mult Prop of Exponents
22- Working with Polynomials
23: Practice Test for Prealgebra (for homework)
5 F May 15 24-27 PREALGEBRA TEST
24: Working with Formulas (Elementary Algebra begins)
25- Solving Inequalities
26- More on Graphing
27- Rules for Exponents
6 M May 18 28-31 28- Scientific Notation
29- Special Products of Binomials
30- Intro to Factoring
31- Factoring Squares
7 T May 19 32-35 32- Factoring Using Grouping
33- Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
34- Rational Expressions : Mult
35- Rational Expressions: Div
8 W May 20 36-39 36- Rational Expressions: Add & Sub
37- Systems of Equations : Graphing
38- Systems of Equations: Substitution Method
39- Systems of Equations: Elimination Method
9 R May 21 40-44 40- Radicals
41- Pythagorean Theorem
42- Quadratic Formula
43- More Word Problems
44- Elementary Algebra Practice Test (homework)
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