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Math Final Exam Review

Chapter 1


adding , subtracting, multiplying, dividing
factoring -- look for common factors first
three terms--trial and error
two terms --formula or common factor

Rational expressions ( fractions with polynomials ):
adding, subtracting, multiplying , dividing
Complex fractions (fraction over a fraction)

Chapter 2
Solving equations:

rational equations (fractions with variable in denominator)--either an answer
you can use, an answer you can’t use ( no solution ) or all real x except x =??

Solving quadratic equations -- ax2 + bx + c = 0
(1) solve by factoring
(2) solve by completing the square (do not have to)
(3) solve by quadratic formula

Imaginary numbers
Radical equations , absolute value equations, etc.

Inequalities, absolute value inequalities:

Inequalities using a sign chart

Chapter 3
distance formula:

midpoint formula:

circles : (x − h)2 + ( y − k )2 = r2


equations of lines :

(2) y = mx + b

general form

Finding function values or expressions
Domain, range, increasing, decreasing...

Stretching, shifting, reflecting of graphs
piece-wise functions

Parabolas :
Standard form:

Quadratic form:

Vertex : or find average of x-int.
plug in to find y

Add, subtract, multiply, divide two functions
Composition of functions f ○ g

Chapter 4

Directly proportional: y = kx
Inversely proportional:

Solving (graphing) inequalities using a sign chart

Chapter 9
Two equation/two unknowns

Chapter 5
Inverse functions
Exponential equation :

Logarithmic equation:

Properties :

Change of base formula:


Only formulas given :

Any 3D volume/surface area with the exception of a box.

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