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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Topics covered

Evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions
Solving linear equations , including those with empty or infinite solution sets
• Writing English sentences as equations and solving them
• Distinguishing between and using direct and inverse variation
Solving proportions
Solving linear inequalities and graphing the solution on the number line
FOILing binomials , factoring trinomials , solving quadratic equations by factoring and by the quadratic
• Listing all possible integer products that give a number

Memorize the quadratic formula !

Extra credit review problems (10 points, due when you take the test)
• 6.1: 13,25,36,43,76,80
• 6.2: 23,50,60,68,71,75,80,85
• 6.3: 24,31,44
• 6.4: 8,9,12,30,39
• 6.5: 21,40,54,61,68
• 6.6: 6,20,39,44,59,70,75

General Info:
• Bring a calculator to the test . You may not use your cell phone.
• Please do not talk to anyone about the test who hasn’t taken it yet, as there are two sections of this class.

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