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Ph.D. Graduate Term Title of Dissertation Advisor(s) Present Position
Green, Kris H. 1994-1999 Gravitational Aspects of Tachyon Domain Walls W. John Cocke (Astronomy) Professor: St. John Fischer College
King, Aaron Alan 1993-1999 Hamiltonian Limits and Subharmonic Resonance in Models of Population Fluctuations William Schaffer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Flinn Postdoc at The University of Arizona
Liu, Li 1994-1999 Hierarchical Structures in Fully Developed Turbulence Shen-Su She (Mathematics)  
Abbey, Craig Kendall 1991-1998 Assessment of Reconstructed Images Harrison Barrett (Radiology) Research Scientist: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

December 1998

Ph.D. Graduate Term Title of Dissertation Advisor(s) Present Position
Hyde, Craig Lee 1993-1998 "The Use of Complex Time Singularity Analysis in Dynamical Systems" Michael Tabor (Applied Mathematics)
Komarova, Natalia 1993-1998 "Essays on Nonlinear Waves: Patterns Under Water; Pulse Propagation Though Random Media" Alan Newell (Mathematics) Mathematics Institute: Warwick University Princeton in 1999-00 updated: 6/28/99

August 1998

Ph.D. Graduate Term Title of Dissertation Advisor(s) Present Position
Anderson, Kevin 1992-1998 "Probabilistic and Statistical Analysis of Growth and Division in Bacillus subtilis" Joseph Watkins:(Mathematics) Postdoctoral Member, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Minnesota
Garcia-Alvarado Martin Gildardo 1991-1998 "Competitive Dynamics in Size-Structured Populations with Reproductive Delays" Jim Cushing:(Mathematics) Universidad de Sonora
Haller, Karl 1992-1998 "Ground State Properties of the Neutral Two-Dimensional Falicov-Kimball Model" Thomas Kennedy:(Mathematics) Mathematics Department, University of Virginia: updated: 5/5/99
Rado, Anita 1993-1998 "Mathematical Models of Ionic Diffusion in Olfactory Glomeruli" Timothy Secomb (Physiology)
Leslie Tolbert (Neurobiology)
Flinn Foundation Postdoc: University of Arizona