how to solve multivariable algebra equation with fractions solving multiple variable polynomial equation , worksheet on adding,subtracting,multiplying,dividing integers,   adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators worksheet

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   Chipola College

 College Preparatory Algebra

MAT 0024

 Brenda Alford, Instructor  

    Phone:  526-2761 Ext:  3383                               Instructors email: 

  Office:  123C (Natural Science)                         Office Hours:  Will be posted on my door & web


Course Description:

            An elementary course designed for the students who have little or no secondary school background in algebra and who need preparation for MAC 1033, Algebra for College Students. Topics included: operations on and properties of real numbers; algebraic expressions; solving equations; fractional expressions; factoring; exponents and radicals. A grade of C or higher must be earned in the course to advance to a higher level mathematics course. Not open to any student who has previously completed a college mathematics course other than MAT 0002.  Does not meet general education requirements in mathematics.  5 non-credit semester hours.

 Required Text:  

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, third edition - authored by Bittinger, Ellenbogen, Johnson and published

 Supplementary Materials Available in the Math Lab  (D 306):  

Videotapes developed especially for the text, featuring material from every section of the text in an interactive format.  These tapes are also available in the library.

   InterAct Math Tutorial Software includes exercises that are linked with the odd-numbered exercises in the textbook and includes examples and guided solutions.  This software is available on the computers in the math lab and the Technology Center.    

  My Math Lab software is located at and offers supplemental practice, tutorial videos, homework problems and practice tests associated directly with your text.  Your password for this software came with your textbook if you bought a new book.   You may order a password for the software on-line if you bought a used book and desire to use the software. 

    Math Lab director Mr. Mitch Sims and several student tutors are available for your assistance.  A solution manual for homework problems are also available.  Math Lab Hours will be posted on the lab door.

How to Reduce Test Anxiety, an audio cassette 

Improving Mathematics Studying and Test-Taking Skills, a video tape

 Math! A Four Letter Word, a video tape and book


Grading Scale:     A :   93 100             B:  83 -  92           C:   70 -  82

                               D:  60 -  69                F:    below 60                                                                                           

Testing and Grading Policies:  Seven grades will comprise the semester average.  There will be six chapter test grades and a cumulative final (exit) exam. The six chapter tests will account for 6/7 of the semester average.  The final exam will account for 1/7 of the student's semester average. To earn a C grade or higher in the course, a student must make at least 60% on the final (exit) exam and have a  semester average of at least 70%.  If a student does not meet both of the criteria, then the highest grade that the student may receive in the course is a D.  You must take the final (exit) exam to receive credit for this course.  Six one-hour announced tests will be given during the semester that will account for 6/7 of your semester grade. These tests will be given as indicated in the attached course outline.  If it becomes necessary to deviate from this outline, changes will be announced at least two class periods prior to the exam.  If you miss a test for a substantiated, excused reason your final exam score will be used for the grade on that test.   However, if you have a documented schedule conflict (e.g. school activities; court appearance, etc.) and contact the instructor prior to a scheduled test it may be possible to arrange to take the test with another class.  If you should miss a second test for a substantiated, excused reason you will be allowed to take ONE make-up test.  The make-up exam will cover the same material as the test missed, but will not be the same test.  It is your responsibility to contact the instructor the first day you return to the campus to arrange for the make-up exam.  This exam must be taken within one week after returning to class or within the time specified by the instructor in case of extended absence.  Failure to make these arrangements will result in an automatic zero for the missed test.  You will not be allowed to make up a test missed for an unexcused reason and you will be allowed only one make-up test  per semester. 

Attendance: The Chipola Catalogue, page 40, states:  "Regular attendance is expected of all students.  Students who are absent from classes for any reason other than official college activities must satisfy the instructor concerned that the absence was due to illness or other clearly unavoidable reasons.  Otherwise, the student may suffer grade loss at the discretion of the instructor."  There are no excused or unexcused absences except for students officially excused for college activities. It is Math Department policy that any student who accumulates more than 10 absences will automatically fail this course.  An appeal may be made by writing a letter to the appeal committee.  This appeal may or may not be approved.

Tardiness is frowned upon in this class.  Admittance to class may be denied to any student who is customarily tardy and/or the student may not receive extra points on a unit test.  If a student comes to class after roll has been called it is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor after class that the absence should be changed to a tardy.  

Extra Credit: 

     Homework and Attendance Points:  Two of the most important things you can do to assure success in a mathematics course is to complete all homework assignments on time and attend all classes.  Therefore, if you have no absences and have received credit for all homework assignments for the class periods prior to the unit test, five points will be added to your grade on the unit test.

To receive credit for a  homework assignment it must be complete, all required work must be shown, and the assignment must be turned in prior to the test.  To receive credit for attendance you must be in class the entire 50 minutes.  Remember, three tardies will count as one absence.  If you are absent because of an official college activity you will not be penalized as long as all homework is completed on time.

     Final Exam:  The final exam can be used to replace the lowest unit test grade if it has not already been used to replace a missed test.

     No additional extra credit work will be assigned


Withdrawal Policy: If you officially withdraw from a course, a "W" will appear in place of a grade.  Withdrawing from class must be done officially.  Merely to stop attending class does not constitute an official withdrawal.  All students who need to withdraw from this course should obtain the necessary forms from the Registrar's Office.

 Academic Alert/Number of Attempts to Pass Course:  The Florida Legislature has mandated that each student be allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass any given course.  Enrollment in a course is counted as an attempt if you remain enrolled after the drop/add period, even if you withdraw from the course or resign from college during the semester.  Students who enroll in college credit courses a third time must pay the full cost of instruction - or approximately four times the standard tuition rate.  If you have made any previous attempt at this course, please discuss this with me. 

Cell Phones:  Cell phones are not to be used in class.  Please put your cell phone up and cut it off.


College Preparatory Algebra Objectives      

Click on each section to get to worksheet.

Chapter One - Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

Test 1


Chapter Two - Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

2.1/2.2  Solving Equations/ Using the Principles Together  


2.4       Applications with Percent 

           Worksheet 1


2.5       Problem Solving 


Test 2

ChapterThree - Introduction to Graphing


Chapter Four - Polynomials

4.1       Exponents and Their Properties

4.8A     Negative Exponents 


4.8B:   Scientific Notation


4.8C:  Operations UsingScientific Notation


4.2/ 4.3/4.6    

Test 4

 ChapterFive - Polynomials and Factoring

5.1                      ax2 + bx + c


Test 5


Introductionto Rational and Radical Expressions

Adding and SubtractingSquare Roots 

   Worksheet 1


Multiplying and DividingSquare Roots 



 Practicefor Final (Exit Exam) 




Name __________________________   S.S.# ________________________


Phone Number - Day  _____________  Evening _______________________


Mailing Address ________________________________________City_______________________




1.     Inwhat area do you plan to major?  _____________________________________________


2.     Wheredid you attend high school?  _________________



3.  If you took the GED, what year?  __________


4. Put a check beside any of these mathclasses taken in high school.

   ___  Pre-Algebra                            ___  Applied Math

   ___  Algebra I                                  ___ Algebra II 

   ___  Geometry                                ___  Trigonometry 


Put a check beside prior math classestaken at college.

                 ___ Mat 0002                         ___Mat 0024 


How many times (prior to this semester)have you enrolled in this class?


                 Circle one:  0     1    2     morethan 2


5.  Are you involved in any extracurricular activities at Chipola? If so what activities?




I have read and understand the attached policies and syllabusincluding:

1) To make a "C" in this course and progress to Mat 1033, I musthave a

    semester average of 70 and make at least 60 on the final (exit) exam.

2) I will receive 5 bonus points per unit test if I attend all classes, am

    not excessively tardy andreceive credit for all homework prior to the test.

3) I may use my final score to replace one test that I miss for an excused

    reason. If I do not miss a test, the final will replace my lowest test

    score.  I must take the finalexam in order to receive credit in this course.

4) If I miss a second test for an excusedreason, I must make it up within

    one week.  I will only beallowed ONE make-up exam. 

5)  IfI miss more than 10 classes I will automatically fail.

6) I am allowed a maximum of three attempts at any class, and I will be

  charged full cost of instruction on the third attempt.

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