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Instructor Name:
Charles Bryant Jr., Associate Professor - Developmental Mathematics
Office Location:
Room #30 Trailer B, Macon Campus
Office Hours:
Office Phone:
(901) 333-4508
Office Fax:
Call Secretary
Secretary Phone:
(901) 333-4474

Course Information

Course Description:
This course covers elementary algebraic topics such as solving linear equations,using proportions to solve problems,laws of exponents,basic operations with polynomials,scientific notation, roots and radicals,formulas and applications, and factoring polynomials.
Course Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

Successful completion of DSPM0700 or Placement by testing.
Instructional /
Learning Methods:

Online-Lecture notes, discussion Room , homework notebook, 6 electronic tests, proctored Midterm and proctored Final

Tutoring-STCC provides free tutoring at ASC on Macon Campus and Union Campus.
See ASC link for times and details of service.

Instructor help-Mr. Bryant is available during posted office times for helping all of this students. Email Mr. Bryant for appointment. Mr. Bryant will also respond to all posted questions in Discussion Room in WebCT.


Course Topics:
See below
Specific Course

All students must take the Midterm and Final exam. Students must take 5 regular electronic tests(50% of grade). The Midterm and Final will each count 25%. The Midterm and Final exams cannot be dropped. No drops or Makeups on Regular Tests. The Final Exam can count for 1 test not taken.

Textbooks, Supplementary Materials, Hardware, and Software Requirements

Required Text:

Basic Math,Algebra and Geometry with Application by Cleaves and Hobbs, Prentice Hall
ISBN: See Bookstore.

Optional Text:
Supplementary Materials:
  • Math notebook to do HW in.
  • #2 pencils
  • 1 pack of scantron sheets for Midterm and Final Exams
  • Scientific Calculator Required
  • Official STCC I.D.(Go to Student Services on Campus for Picture I.D.-all students MUST have this I.D. to take the Midterm or Final)
Hardware Requirements:

This course may not require the use of a computer, however these are general recommendations for accessing any of the services that Southwest offers on the Web (e.g. My. Southwest, etc.).

  • minimum 650 or higher Pentium III processor (recommended)
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • floppy drive, zip drive, or CD-RW drive
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • at least 256 MB of RAM (recommended)
  • (optional) printer
Software Requirements:

The software listed below in the "General Software Requirements" are recommended for any student accessing Southwest services through the internet. Your course may not require the use of a computer or it may have specific software requirements.

General Software Requirements

  • Operating System:
    • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (recommended)
    • Mac OS 8.6/9.1/X
    • Linux
  • Current Anti-Virus protection
  • Reliable Internet connection (broadband recommended but not required)

Course Specific Software Requirements

  • No special software is required other than the software requirements stated in WebCT tutorial at

Assessment and Grading

Method of Evaluation:
  • 5 Regular Electronic Tests-50% of students grade
  • Proctored Midterm Exam-25% of students grade
  • Proctored Final Exam-25% of student's grade
Grading Scale:
  • A = 100 - 90
  • B =  89 - 80
  • C =  79 - 70
  • D =  NO D Grades are given in Developmental Mathematics at STCC
  • F =  below 70
Minimum standards for successful completion of basic developmental courses will be a grade of "C." (There are no "D" grades awarded.)
Testing Procedure/Policy:

Online: There will be 5 regular tests sent from your home computer and a proctored Midterm Exam and proctored Final Exam. The regular tests on each chapter will totally count for 50% of students grade.The Midterm will count 25% and the Final Exam will count 25% of students overall grade.

There are no drop grades or retakes in this class. Both the Midterm and Final Exams are mandatory for the class. Failure to take the Midterm or Final will result in automatic F in class. The Final Exam can count for one missed test.

Major Assignments:

Taking 5 unproctored Chapter Tests(Covering Chapters 8,9,10,11,12) that are 10 % each(All 5 Chapter Tests will Total 50% of students grade)

Taking a proctored Midterm Exam(chapters 8,9,10) at Mr. Bryant's office on Macon Campus. The Midterm Exam counts 25%

Taking a proctored Final Exam (Comprehensive-Chapters 8-13) at Mr. Bryant's office on Macon Campus. The Final Exam counts 25% . The Final Exam can count for 1 missed test.

Attendance Policy:

Participation/Attendance-Online math students are expected to access WebCT at least 4-5 times per week. Students are to regularly read their email in WebCT and also faculty notes and discussion on a regular basis. Communication is extremely important especially in an online course. Email the instructor about any thing that concerns your grade in this class.

Student access is tracked by the instructor and attendance is further validated by test submission(electronic date stamped). If a student fails to submit an electronic test by the deadline is considered to be two absents.

Additional Policies:

There are no makeups or drops allowed for regular tests. A student can miss one(1) test and the Final Exam can count for it.

If a student misses the Midterm Exam session with Mr.Bryant they must make-up the Midterm and may get a more difficult Midterm(depending on valid/documented reason).

If a student misses the Final Exam session with Mr. Bryant they will get an automatic F for the course(unless permission is given for valid/documented reason IN ADVANCE). An I(incomplete) will not be given unless the student has done all work up until the Final but because of valid/documented reasons(like car wreck or hospital visit) they could not take the Final.

Guidelines for Communications

Each student has been provided a Southwest e-mail account. Please do not email your classmates unless the topic relates specifically to this course. E-mails that contain advertisements, solicitations, personal interests, etc. are strictly forbidden.

Below are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind when sending email:

  • Always include a subject line.
  • Typing in all CAPS is considered SHOUTING in Cyberspace. So please use upper and lower case characters when sending e-mails.
  • Remember, without facial expressions some comments may be taken the wrong way. Be careful in wording your e-mails. Use of emoticons might be helpful in some cases.
  • Use standard fonts.
  • Do not send large attachments without permission.
  • Respect the privacy of other class members.

Online instructors will respond to all e-mails within 48 hours.

Add any additional information regarding e-mail communication here. Delete this box if you are not creating a syllabus for an online course or you don't have any additional policies.


Below are a few guidelines that should be adhered to at all times when using the Discussion forum. Messages that contain advertisements, solicitations, personal interests, etc. are strictly forbidden.

  • Review the discussion threads thoroughly before entering the discussion.
  • Please try to maintain threads by using the "Reply" button rather starting a new topic.
  • Do not make insulting or inflammatory statements to other members of the class. Be respectful of other’s ideas.
  • Be patient and read the comments of other group members thoroughly before entering your remarks.
  • Be positive and constructive in group discussions.
  • Respond in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Add any additional discussion policies here. Delete this box if you have no additional policies.