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Grade6 Math Web Sites


WhatDoes the Data Say?

The Maths File Game Show: TrainRace

Lessons 1-2 Review of mean, median andrange


The Maths File Game Show: Data Picking

Lesson 3 Frequency graphs


PBS Teachers' Line: MathInteractives

Lesson 2 Click on histograms

Activity addresses mean and median

Lesson 3 Convert line plots [frequencygraphs] into bar graphs

Lesson 4 Determining intervals and investigatinghow changing interval size affects data display

Lessons 7-9 Line graphs. Can be used as extensionfor progress over time


Statistics and Probability Concepts

Lessons 1-9 Click on Statistics and ProbabilityConcepts

There are a multitude of practice activities forvarious graphs including bar graphs, stem and leaf and box plots andalso uses measures of central tendency.


Statistics and Probability Concepts

Lesson 3 Choose Normal Distribution and SkewDistribution. Activities are for enrichment; students who want achallenge can use standard deviation along withdistribution.

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Languageof Numbers


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Pre-requisite Many games and activities on base 10involving rounding, estimating and identifying place value


The Maths File Game Show: RoundingOff

Prerequisite Three levels of difficulty involvingrounding of whole numbers and decimals.


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Phases 1-2 Practice with scientificnotation


Topics in Pre-Algebra

Lesson 9 Use of exponents with order ofoperations


A Creative Encounter of the NumericalKind

End of Unit -This is a fairly complicated webquest in which students create a number system and teach it to theclass using visuals they create. It requires student research usingwebsites. It includes work with an abacus and a review of Base 10 andBase 2.

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FromZero to One and Beyond


The Product Game

Pre-Assessment - Product Game allows students tochoose products of two numbers while playing a tic tac toe game.There are several variations of game including one focusing ongreatest common factor using Venn diagrams. It also providesextension activities


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Lesson 1-2 Divisibility activities


PBS Teachers' Line: MathInteractives

Lessons 2-3 Click on Mixing OrangeJuice.

Activity uses proportional reasoning involvingpitchers of orange juice to teach ratio, fractions with circle graphsand percents and the interrelationship of all three.


Math Activities

Go to Number and Operations Concepts.

Click on Fraction Finder

Read directions carefully. Allows student topicture fractions on circle or square templates and then to orderseveral fractions.

Click on Equivalent Fraction Finder

Students create equivalent fractions on a circleor square template. There are a number of good activities on thisNumber and Operations Concepts page including operations withfractions with varying levels of difficulty


Math Activities

Select Factorize.

Activity allows students to select a number 1-50and determine the factors. They also display factors on agrid.


The Maths File Game Show: SaloonSnap

Lessons 8-9 Converting among fractions, decimals,and percents


The Maths File Game Show: BuilderTed

Lessons 8-9 Ordering positive and negativedecimals. Could be used as an extension


The Maths File Game Show: GridGame

Lesson 11 Square numbers, factors, multiples,primes.

This site could also be used with NumberPowerhouse.


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Laura Chandler Math Activities

Lesson 2 These are downloadable activities and aquiz on order of operations.



Lesson 2 Explanation and five interactive examplesof order of operations both with and without exponents


PBS Teachers' Line: Math Interactives

Lessons 3-4 Click on Number Cruncher. Activity isa simple input/output game that can be used with positive andnegative numbers.



Lessons 3-4 Explanation and interactive exampleson introduction of signed numbers, comparing and ordering integers,absolute value, four operations with signed numbers


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Lesson 3 Various activities and games manipulatingpositive and negative integers


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Lessons 5-8 Activities on basic operations withfractions with like and unlike denominators


Laura Chandler Math Activities

Lesson 9-10 These are all downloadable activitiesthat are good for practice; may be appropriate for lower levelstudents.

Click on Buzzing for Products for an activity onmultiplying decimals

There are many other activities on decimals and a weekly math challenge.


AAA Math Sixth Grade

Lessons 9-10 Identifying decimals, place value ofdecimals and operations with decimals


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Lesson 12 Activities converting decimals tofraction and percents; percents to fractions and decimals; fractionsto decimals and percents.

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Patternsin Number and Space


PBS Teachers' Line: Math Interactives

Phase 1 Click on Real Life Data

Practice with making tables and determining simplerules.


Phase 2 Click on Frog in the Well. Can be used asan extension.

Click on Make a Rule. This addresses advanced rule as taught in Lessons 2,3,4,5 and 9


The Maths File Game Show: LateDelivery

Phase 1 Writing simple equations


The Maths File Game Show: EquationMatch

Phase 2 Writing complex equations


Topics in Pre-Algebra

Lessons 2-6 Explanation of writing algebraicexpressions


The Maths File Game Show: PlanetHop

Phase 3 Coordinate graphing


Figure This! Math Index

Phases 1-3 Under Algebra there are severalactivities that coordinate well with this unit.

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Exploring the Isometric Drawing Tool

Phase 1 Good activity which allows students todraw using isometric paper. May be helpful for those with fine motoror visual motor integration difficulties as it provides another wayto build and draw using cubes.


Figure This! Math Index

Under geometry, there are several activities that focus on 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.


The Maths File Game Show: BathroomTiles

Rotation and reflection. Topic is fairlydifficult.


Matho: Geometry Version

Phase 2 Interactive geometry vocabularygame.


AAA Math Sixth Grade


Phase 2 Exploration with sides and angles oftriangles and quadrilaterals

Lesson 5 Perimeter of polygons-explanation and 5examples:


Exploring Geometric Solids and TheirProperties 

Phase 3 Allows students to manipulate polyhedra inspace. Also provides experience with Euler's Formula and creates atable of properties. Could be used as an assessment at end ofphase.

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Lessons 1-3 Interactive activities on probabilitywith explanation beforehand.


Fish Tank

Lessons 1-3 Games with varying levels ofdifficulty, Colorful and interactive


Statistics and Probability Concepts

Lessons 4-6 Click on Statistics and ProbabilityConcepts

There are several activities using spinners andadjustable spinners which include theoretical and experimentalprobability.


The Maths File Game Show: Data Picking

Lesson 4-6 Circle graphs

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Tree Measurement

Phase 1 This is a good extension activity whichrequires students to go outside and measure a tree.


Measurement Resources

Phase 2 Measurement topics include an extensivemenu of downloadable lesson plans. Check both elementary and middleschool activities as there are overlapping concepts.


Animal Weigh-In

Phase 2 Conversion of metric to UScustomary


Measurement - Length

Phases 1-3 Activities and games on followingmeasurement topics:

metric-US customary conversion, temperature, mass,volume and length


Reference Materials

Phases 1-3 There is a list of reference materialswhich provides historical background information and conversiondata.


Phase 3 Scroll down to Geometry. There is anactivity on scale drawings.

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These web sites contain good general ideas thatcould be used throughout the school year.


Laura Candler Teaching Resources

Scroll down to click on Weekly MathChallenges.


Math Challenge

There are many challenges that could be done asextensions by an individual or small group. Areas include Algebra,Geometry, Measurement, Number and Statistics andProbability.


SCORE Mathematics Lessons

This site includes a number of topics that couldbe extensions for students to work on independently.


Hot Subjects

There are tutorials on subjects such as exponentsand square roots. They are not interactive, however.


Math Games

There are several games that are generic and wouldbe good for students who have finished work early. They could workwith a partner.


(Non-Java) Flashcards

Uses only non-Java flashcards. Topics includeorder of operations, operations with fractions, pre-algebra, andpositive and negative integers


Lesson Library

There are selected lessons available with anoption to purchase the CD with more practice. Worth taking a lookat.


Fun and Games

A good teacher site which includes lots ofactivities on many topics.

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