free balancing equations problems
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Hello friends, I lost my algebra textbook yesterday. It’s out of stock and so I can’t find it in any of the stores near my place. I have an option of hiring a private tutor but then I live in a very far off place so any tutor would charge a very high hourly rate to come over. Now the thing is that I have my exam next week and I can’t study since I misplaced my textbook. I couldn’t read the chapters on free balancing equations problems and free balancing equations problems. A few more topics such as linear inequalities, equivalent fractions, cramer’s rule and perfect square trinomial are still not so clear to me. I need some help guys!
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What exactly don't you understand about free balancing equations problems? I remember having problem with the same thing in Remedial Algebra, so I think I could try to give you some advice on how to handle such problems. However if you want help with algebra on a long term basis, then you should try out Algebrator, that's what I did in my Basic Math, and I have to say it's the greatest ! It's less expensive than a tutor and you can count on it anytime you feel like. It's very easy to use it , even if you never ever tried a similar software . I would advise you to buy it as soon as you can and forget about getting a math teacher. You won't regret it!
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I always use Algebrator to help me with my math assignments. I have tried several other software programs but so far this is the best I have come across . I guess it is the detailed way of explaining the solution to problems that makes the whole process appear so easy. It is indeed a very good piece of software and I can vouch for it.
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You have got to be joshing ! How can this solution not be overall knowledge or publicized here ? How and where might I acquire other info for trying Algebrator? Pardon someone for appearing to be a little doubtful, but do you think if anyone can obtain a test version to use this software ?
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You can order one for you right here – I’ve heard from someone that they even offer an unconditional money back guarantee, so go ahead and order a copy, I’m sure you’ll like it.
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