ASSET Prep Basic Skills Lessons

ASSET Prep Writing Skills Lessons for Test 1
Mechanics Punctuation & Grammar
Capital Letters & Punctuation
Capital Letters
Proper Nouns & Capitals
Titles & Capital Letters
Capital Letters Review
The Basics of Punctuation
Commas 1
Colons & Semicolons
Quotation Marks
Punctuation Review

Parts of Speech, Part 1
What is a Verb?
Two Kinds of Verbs
Parts of Verbs
Some Strange Verbs
Verbs & Tenses
Verbs Review
What is a Noun?
Two Kinds of Nouns
More Kinds of Nouns
Nouns & Verbs & Number
Nouns Review
What is a Pronoun?
Personal Pronouns
Personal Pronouns with Ownership
Other Pronouns
Pronouns Review
Nouns, Pronouns, & Gender
Pronouns & Number
Making Nouns & Pronouns Agree in
Making Nouns & Pronouns Agree Review

Parts of Speech, Part 2
Recognizing Adjectives
More about Adjectives
Identifying Adverbs
More about Adverbs
Adjectives & Adverbs
Learning about Prepositions
Using Articles
Prepositions & Articles Review

Making New Words, Part 1
Simple Verb Endings
Basic Contractions with Pronouns
Easy Compound Words
Basic Word building Review
More Compound Words
Verbs Ending in E
Contractions of NOT
More Basic Word building Review
Verb Endings after Consonants
Verb Endings after Y
Word Endings for comparisons
Compound Words—New Meanings
More Contractions: will/are
Complex word Building Review
Noun Endings: er/or ist/ian
Suffixes: y/ly/less
Special Compound Words
Prefixes That Make Opposites
Prefix/Suffix/Compound Words Review

Making New Words, Part 2
Sentence Structure
Building & Using Sentences
Word Usage
Diction & Style
Sentence Structure

Organization, Strategy & Style
Writing Letters
Practical Reading
Reading Skills & Strategies
Logic & Organization
Essay Writing

ASSET Prep Reading Skills Lessons for Test 2
Reading Skills Lessons: Referring
Understanding New Words, Part 1
Predicting Words
Comparatives 1 & 2
Prepositions: or/at/in
More Pronouns
Selecting the Proper Words Review
Word that are Spelled Alike 1
Word that Sound Alike 1
More Prepositions
Identifying Groups
Using Word in Context
Choosing the Proper Word Review
Word Grouping
Specific Meaning in Context
Words that Sound Alike 2
Dealing with Confusing Word Review
Figuring Out the Meaning of New Words
Cause & Effect Words
Discovering Word Meaning

Understanding New Words, Part 2
Words that Sound Alike 3
Clues to New Word Meanings
Applying New Word Review
Words that are Spelled Alike 2
Complicated Word Meaning
More Idioms
Understanding & Using New Words

Understanding What You Read, Part 1
Nouns & Pronouns
Following Directions – Basic
Past & Present Tense
Forming Sentence
Locating Basic Facts Review
Getting Information from Pictures
Putting Sentences in Proper Order
Getting Ideas from Pictures
Past/Present/Future Tense
More Basic Facts from Reading Review
Getting the Facts
Finding What Does Not Belong
Ordering Main Events
Replacing Nouns with Pronouns
Understanding What You Read Review
Remember Facts 1 Reading for
Information Lesson
Finding Main Ideas
Putting Items in Proper Sequence
Topic Sentences
Remembering What You Read Review

Understanding What You Read, Part 2
Characters & Events in a Story
Remember Detail
Remember story Meaning
Titles & Topic Sentences
Supporting Main Ideal with Facts
Facts Not Directly Stated
The Main Ideal of the Story
Placing Events in Order
Using Evidence to Support Main Ideals
Interpreting What You Read

Reading Skills Lessons: Reasoning
Thinking About What You Read, Part 1
What & Why It Happened
What Happened Next?
Descriptive Words
Possible Sentence s
Predicting Endings
Why & What
How does it End?
Word That Describe
Describing Emotion
Reading & Understanding More Review
Describing Reactions
Drawing Conclusions
Words & Expressions
Describers & Conclusion Review
Tell how a Person Looks
Making Predication
Cause & Effects Basic
Identifying Similes
Making Predictions

Thinking about What You Read, Part 2
Describes of Reaction
Finding the Plot of a Story Review
Forming & Identifying Similes
Personal Traits
Understanding the Whole Story

Judging What You Read
Fact or Fantasy
Fact or Opinion
Fact & Non-facts Review
What’s the Purpose?
Real Life or Fantasy
The Author’s Purpose Review
Information or Entertainment
Making Judgment
Desirable Characters
Evaluating What You Read
What Evidence is There?
What is Your Conclusion?
What is Relevant?
Working with Fact & Opinions
The Author & Your Conclusions Review
Supporting Your Purpose
Starting Fact or Opinion
Different or Equal Statement
Separating Fact from Opinions Review
Interpreting Literature
Commentary on Literature & the Arts

ASSET Prep Numerical Skills Lessons for Test 3
Numerical Skills Lessons: Arithmetic
Basic Number Ideas – Pre-Algebra
Odd/Even/Prime/Composite Numbers
Exponents –Pre-Algebra
Adding & Subtracting Integers
Multiplying & Dividing Integers
Square Roots – Pre-Algebra
Common Fractions
Using Basic Number Ideas
Meaning of Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Multiples & Common Denominators
Comparing Fractions
Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Basic Terms Review
Adding & Subtracting Fractions 1
Adding & Subtracting
Fractions 2
Adding Mixed Numbers
Subtracting Mixed Numbers 1
Subtracting Mixed Numbers 2
Adding & Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions 1
Dividing Fractions 2
Multiplying & Dividing Mixed Numbers 1
Multiplying & Dividing Mixed Numbers 2
Multiplication & Division Review
Problem Solving 4
Decimal Fractions 1
Decimal Fractions 2
Adding & Subtracting Decimals
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Decimals Review
Problem Solving 5
Ratio Concepts
Proportion Concepts
Percent Concepts 1
Percent Concepts 2
Ratio/Proportion/Percent Review
Problem Solving 6

Numerical Skills Lessons: Pre-Algebra
Math Sentences , Part 1
Linear Equations : 1 Variable
Linear Inequalities : 1 Variable
Special Quadratic Equations
Using Math Sentences, Part 1

Math Sentences, Part 2
Coordinate Plane
Linear Equations: 2 Variables
Systems of Equations – Pre-Algebra
Using Math Sentences, Part 2
Special Topics
Percents, Part 1
Percents, Part 2
Mean, Median, & Mode
Probability – Pre-Algebra
Using Special Topics

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