Course Syllabus for Elementary Algebra I


This course is the first half of a standard one year course in elementary algebra. Topics
to be covered include the concept of a variable ; signed numbers ; evaluation of (algebraic)
expressions; solution of equations and inequalities (in one variable); graphing; and systems
of (linear) equations and inequalities.

Prerequisites: “C” or better in Math 22 or placement in Math 24X


To become familiar with various Real number sets , including the Integers
and Rational numbers.

To acquire skill in solving first degree equations (and inequalities) in one

To acquire a basic understanding of linear equations (and inequalities) in
two variables , including their graphs.

To solve a system of linear equations by various methods .

To develop a basic ability to solve applications using the algebraic techniques
covered throughout the course.

In addition, as in most mathematical courses, students will be presented
with the challenge of utilizing critical thinking along with development of
communicating analyses in an ordered and neat fashion.


Textbook: Beginning Algebra - Tenth Ed. th by Lial, Hornsby & McGinnis


A basic (inexpensive) calculator, although a scientific
calculator will be noticeably more advantageous.


Student Solutions Manual
Graph paper or engineering pad;
A loose-leaf notebook for storing HomeWork, exams,
and notes.

Course Outline

Unit I. The Real Number System

Fractions; Exponents, Order of Operations & Inequality; Variables,
Expressions & Equations; Real Numbers and the Number Line; Adding
& Subtracting Real Numbers; Multiplying & Dividing Real Numbers;
Properties of Real Numbers; Simplifying Expressions .

Unit II. Linear Equations & Inequalities in One Variable

Addition Property of Equality; Multiplication Property of Equality; More
on Solving Linear Equations; Intro to Applications of Linear Equations;
Formulas & Applications from Geometry; Ratios & Proportions; Further
Applications of Linear Equations; Solving Linear Inequalities.

Unit III. Linear Equations & Inequalities in Two Variables; Functions

Reading Graphs; Linear Equations in Two Variables; Graphing Linear
Equations in Two Variables; The Slope of a Line ; Equations of a Line;
Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables; Intro to Functions.

UNIT IV. Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing; Solving Systems of
Linear Equations by Substitution; Solving Systems of Linear Equations
by Elimination ; Applications of Linear Systems; Solving Systems of
Linear Inequalities.

UNIT V. Exponents, Roots & Radicals

Product Rule & Power Rule for Exponents; Integer Exponents and the
Quotient Rule; Evaluating Roots; Simplifying Radicals.

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