Intermediate Algebra

Course Description: Study of real numbers, factoring, operations with rational expressions, exponents, radicals, complex numbers, linear equations in one and two variables, inequalities, quadratic equations graphs of linear equations and systems of linear equations.

Prerequisites : MATH 0310 with a C or better or High School Algebra I, High School Algebra II, High School Geometry, and a satisfactory Math placement score.

Course Objectives: The student should perform at a 70% or better average on examinations and homework covering the topics listed in the course description and those topics included in the daily schedule.

Textbook: Carson, Gillespie, and Jordan. Intermediate Algebra. Second Edition, Pearson: 2007.

Additional Materials :

Graph Paper -several pages ( large squares )
5 Scantrons and a ruler
Note book for homework and class notes
Number 2 pencils and erasers

Course Content:
Exponentials and Polynomials, Rational Expressions and Functions, Radicals and Rational Exponents, Quadratic Equations, Functions, and Inequalities, Linear Equations and Inequalities in One Variable, Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables.

Unit Exams (40%): There will be 4 comprehensive exams in this course. These exams will test the specific content covered in the unit as well as conceptual understanding, number sense, problem solving skills, mathematical reasoning, and communication skills. These exams will be given during regular class time on the days scheduled with a 1 hr. time limit. A zero will be recorded if you missed a Unit Exam.

Assessments (40%): On-line assessment will be done via MathXL. This can be done from any computer and is designed to help you attain 100 on each assignment by using the help keys available to you. After the On-line assessment is due, it will NOT be open again. Written assessments will be given everyday and they are due at the beginning of the next class period. Two written assessments will be allowed to be turn in late. Written assessments will be graded based on your conceptual understanding, mathematical reasoning, following directions, completion, and communication skills. All graphs must be drawn the way it was shown in class and on graph paper. Classroom assessments will be given occasionally during class and may be graded.

Final Exam (20%): There will be a comprehensive final exam (multiple choice) which will include the departmental post-test. The final exam will be taken as specified in the attached schedule in the regular classroom. A scantron and #2 pencil are required. All students must take the final exam.

Unit Exams __________40% A: 90 – 100 D: 60 - 69
Assessments _____,___40% B: 80 – 89 F: 59 and below
Final Exam __________20% C: 70 - 79  

(A final grade of “C” or better is required as prerequisite for the next course, Math 1314.)

MathXL (First time users)
1. Using internet explorer,
2. Click the “register” button.
3. Type the “access code” in the boxes on the middle of the page. The access code is case sensitive. The access code is packaged in the MathXL packet .
4. Type “77805” for the “school Zip or Postal Code.”
5. Select “United States” from the drop down menu under “School Country”.
6. Click the “Next” button.
7. Follow the step -by- step guidance on how to register. Please make sure you sign up for the right section.
Note: You need to select the appropriate course and section once registered.

Scholastic Dishonesty Policy: Students caught cheating on any assignment, quiz or exam in this course will be assessed a penalty that will range in severity from an F (or zero) on the particular activity involved to an F for the course. Any student assigned an F for cheating has five class days from the time that the assignment, quiz or exam is returned to the class to dispute the grade. After five class days, it will be assumed that the student has accepted the grade, and no changes will be made in the grade.

For the purpose of this course, cheating will be defined as (but not limited to) access or use of unauthorized material during exams and quizzes, collaboration between students during exams, quizzes, and assignments for which group work is not allowed, frequent perusal of another student's work during exams and quizzes, unauthorized copying of other student's work or allowing other students to copy your work on any assignment, quiz or exam, and having unauthorized programs or other information stored on calculators when these calculators are accessible during an exam or quiz.

Attendance Policy: The College District believes that class attendance is essential for student success; therefore, students are required to promptly and regularly attend all their classes. Each class meeting builds the foundation for subsequent class meetings. Without full participation and regular class attendance, students shall find themselves at a severe disadvantage for achieving success in college. Faculty will require students to regularly attend class and will keep a record of attendance from the first day of class and/or the first day the student’s name appears on the roster through final examinations. If a student has one week’s worth of absences during the semester, he/she will be sent an e-mail by the College requiring the student to contact his/her instructor and schedule a conference immediately to discuss his/her attendance issues. If the student accumulates a total of two weeks worth of absences, he/she will be administratively withdrawn from class.

The only excused absences as defined by the College are:
(1) Observance of religious holy days – Sec. 51,911(b), Texas Education Code. An institution of higher education shall excuse a student attending classes and/or required activities, including examinations, for the observance of a religious holy day. A student whose absence is excused under this section may not be penalized for that absence and shall be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment. The student should notify his/her instructor(s) not later than the 15th day of the semester concerning the specific date(s) that the student will be absent for any religious holy day(s); and

(2) Representing Blinn College at an official institutional function – a student is asked by the institution to be an official representative of the college at any function approved by the institution, the student is excused from any classes missed and must be allowed to complete all work without penalty for that absences(s) in a timely manner as directed by the faculty member.

Students are required to attend classes according to Blinn College policy. The instructor will keep an accurate record of each student’s attendance. Any student who accumulates the equivalent of two weeks absences (2 days) will be withdrawn for the course with a grade of W. If you come to class after the roll is checked you must tell me after class or you will be counted absent. If you leave before being dismissed, you will be counted absent . NOTE: THERE IS NO EXCUSED ABSENCES AT BLINN EXCEPT THOSE STATED ABOVE.

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